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6 Tips to Enliven Your Home Décor on a Budget

If you like to reinvent your living space every now and then but find it hard to pull off a makeover owing to budgetary constraints, you’re not alone. Fortunately, it’s possible to revitalise your home décor without spending hundreds of dollars. All you need is to learn the art of thrift shopping and decorating on a budget. Here are some pro tips to get you started.

  1. Use your children’s artwork or photography as wall art. It creates a special personal space— and the bonus is that it encourages children to create more art. The only money you spend is on framing, and even that expense can be eliminated by making your own DIY frames or simply hanging the artwork on a string using clips.
  2. Become a pro at thrift shopping. There are plenty of places online and offline where you can get beautiful home décor at bargain prices. Moreover, by shopping from a nonprofit you make your own little contribution for the welfare of the less privileged. Not just home décor, Charity stores are a treasure trove for numerous household needs, from clothing, toys and electronics to antiques, jewellery and musical instruments.
  3. Repurpose the stuff you already own to create a brand new ambience. Move furniture to break the monotony, use a big kitchen pot as a vase, revive junk in the garage into something useful or artistic, reuse old shoes at planters, repaint the coffee table—use your creativity to reuse old items in a new way. It saves you money and gives you an opportunity for creative expression.
  4. Be open to buying preloved furniture and décor. If you’re craving change, you needn’t empty your pockets to buy new stuff. There are plenty of places where you can buy used furniture, home furnishing, accessories, artwork, garden décor and collectibles. By buying secondhand, you save money as well as contribute to the environment in your own little way.
  5. Repaint a wall for a refreshing new setting. If you don’t want to spend heavily on redecoration, use paint to enliven a dull space. It takes only a few hours and between 40 and 50 dollars to paint an entire room. You can also create an accent wall by painting just one wall in a striking colour. Paint a pattern for fun or use wall stickers to create a theme. Similarly, you can use appliance paint to renew run-down appliances, use chalkboard paint to write messages for your family, or repaint metal accessories in gold for a rich look on a budget.
  6. Use fabric creatively to revitalise your space. Buy new bed covers and cushions at a bargain store; re-purpose old linen into new pillow covers, curtain for the kitchen window or mats with decorative trimming. Changing the curtains is one of the easiest ways to refresh any space. Buy decorative fabric at a bargain sale and use it to make a DIY throw or curtains. You can also find coloured panels for as little as five dollars.

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