7 Important Qualities To Look For In An Attorney

No one knows what the future holds, which is why you should always have an attorney on retainer. Even if you never need their services, it’s good to have someone you can rely on in case of an emergency. Choosing the right lawyer is important for several reasons. Not only could they potentially save you from a legal battle, but they can also offer sound legal advice and guidance to help you avoid future predicaments.

When it comes time to find an attorney, you want to be sure that you are making the best decision for your needs. There are many qualities to look for when choosing a reliable attorney, so in this article, we will go over the major ones.


Experience is vital. Just because someone has been practising for a long time doesn’t automatically mean that he or she is good, but it certainly can’t hurt. When you’re considering a certain attorney, ask them how long they have practised and try to find reviews from former customers who have worked with them before. If possible, hire a lawyer who specializes in your field so they are already knowledgeable about the subject matter. As the experienced personal injury lawyer Corban Gunn states, the best lawyers only get better with time, and with a little research, you should be able to find one that is qualified and experienced. Just make sure they are familiar with the laws of your area, since they may be different in other parts of the country, so it can have a serious impact on the outcome of your case.


Another important quality to consider when choosing an attorney is the reputation of their office. If they have been practising for many years, their office has likely developed a reputable name in the community. A reliable lawyer will work hard on your behalf and give you sound advice while keeping your best interests at heart. You can check out the attorney’s reputation is by asking around. If you don’t know anyone who has worked with a particular lawyer, try searching online for reviews or contacting your local bar association to see what others are saying before making a final decision. Reviews provide valuable insight into how other people feel about a specific lawyer’s performance and quality of work. They also tell you what type of clientele the attorney attracts as well as any complaints that might normally go unnoticed on the firm’s website. 


Attorneys are busy people, but they should still take the time to answer your phone calls and respond to your emails promptly. If they cannot do so, it could mean that they don’t value their clients or that they might not be as reputable as you think. According to the professionals at Hipskind & McAninch LLC, choosing a readily available attorney reassures you of their commitment to helping you and demonstrates their ability to manage their work efficiently. To get an idea about how available an attorney is, send them a quick email or call their office to see how long it takes them to get back to you. You may also ask about how many clients do they normally have at once so you can get a sense of whether or not they will have the time to dedicate to your case.


An open attorney won’t shy away from giving you an honest answer, even if it’s not the one you want to hear. While they should be tactful when dealing with delicate issues, at the same time, they shouldn’t beat around the bush just for your sake. A good lawyer will give it to you straight and help you understand what is going on so that no information gets lost in translation or misinterpreted by either party. You might run into some who are less than forthcoming with details because they would rather save face than be upfront about certain things, this could cause problems down the road if there ever was a case against them in front of a judge.

Communication Skills

One of the most vital qualities that you want in an attorney is excellent communication skills because this allows them to convey important information to you. This is especially important during the initial consultation so that you can get a good understanding of the case and what to expect. An attorney who can communicate effectively will also be able to keep you updated on the progress of your case as it moves along. Good communication skills also help build strong relationships with clients, something that is key for an effective legal team. Besides, if they can’t communicate well, how can they expect to win a case?

Problem-Solving Skills

A good attorney should be able to recognize problems and steer clear of them before they become serious. If not, they will likely lose the case or harm their client in some way. Proactively avoiding problems with your lawyer is just as important as finding one that you trust because most legal issues do not resolve themselves overnight. Problems won’t go away unless someone works on solving them, and the more proactive an attorney is about preventing potential obstacles from arising, the better off you’ll be overall. You don’t want an attorney who only thinks about winning at all costs without regard for what’s best for you and your family. To get a sense of how successful an attorney is at problem-solving, you could ask them about their track record and what issues they’ve helped resolve for other clients in the past. It will also help you to know if they have any former clients that you could contact for references.


 last, but not least, is the quality of compassion. This means that your attorney should have a genuine concern for you and your well-being and be willing to go above and beyond to help you achieve the best possible outcome. They should also be understanding during difficult times and be there for you when you need them most. A compassionate attorney understands the importance of the client-attorney relationship and knows how to build trust while maintaining professionalism at all times. Additionally, they will be more likely to fight for your tooth and nail because they have a personal connection to the case, so even underestimate the value of compassion when searching for the best lawyer for your situation.

Finding the right lawyer can seem daunting, but if you keep these seven qualities in mind, it will make the process a lot easier. By choosing an attorney who has these important traits, you can feel confident that they will fight for your rights and represent you in court with distinction.

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