7 of the Best Self Defense Weapons to Keep in Your Purse

It’s tempting to think that crime against women isn’t a prevalent problem in Australia, but you’d be wrong to think so. According to Amnesty International, over 500 women are attacked every day in this country. Women of colour, undocumented immigrants, and women in the defence force are in particular danger.

Knowing this, it’s good to be prepared and to carry one of the many self-defence weapons on the market. Yet knowing which is the best self-defence weapon for you is a whole other story. 

We know how complicated all of this can seem. Yet we want to keep you safe: that’s why we’re going to show you some of the best self-defence tools that you can buy and carry, excluding firearms. If you can carry a firearm in your state, that is another possibility, but we won’t be covering it here due to differing state laws.

Ready to look at the best self-defence weapons that you can buy today? Then keep reading!

1. Pepper Spray

One of the original self-defence weapons, pepper spray is a fantastic tool for keeping you safe. The canisters are small enough for you to keep in your bag and often last for several years before they lose their effectiveness.

Pepper spray works by weaponizing high concentrations of capsaicin, the chemical that gives spicy food its bite. If an attacker gets this in their eyes, they will be incapacitated for a short while. 

Pepper spray is legal to carry in all 50 states, making it the best self-defence weapon for women on the move. 

If you’re looking to buy pepper spray, look for one that comes with a practice canister that you can practice with. You should buy one that is as highly concentrated as legally allowed in your state. You can also buy 3-in-1 sprays that contain a dye and tear gas.

2. A Concealed Stun Gun

A stun gun is an electrified prod that contains a set of prongs. When the gun is switched on, an electric current flows through the prongs that can give your attacker a nasty, but non-lethal, shock. 

There are multiple different stun guns on the market, but for a little added surprise, consider one that is disguised as something else. For example, you can get stun guns that are disguised as tubes of lipstick. These also typically make a buzzing noise, which can be enough to make an attacker run by itself.

3. A Taser

One of the best self-defence tools that are used by police and civilians alike is the Taser. These are like ranged stun guns, shooting two barbs that are attached to a wire. The barbs stick in an attacker’s skin and the Taser then runs an electric current through the wire, electrocuting your attacker.

These ranged stun guns are effective at up to 15 feet and can down even the most determined attacker. They are legal to own and use in 48 states across the country, though some states regulate them.

If they are legal to own in your state, a Taser is a fantastic self-defence tool.

4. A Tactical Knife

You shouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight, but if you are being attacked, OTF knives are a fantastic self-defence solution. OTF stands for out-the-front and refers to a knife with a blade concealed in the handle. If you’re imagining a switchblade, you’re on the right track, but there are also other mechanisms available.

What makes an OTF knife so good? They’re small and can be concealed in your purse or handbag. They are also usually designed for self-defence situations and have features to make them better for this.

The sight of a knife will often be enough to make an attacker flee, and their lethal appearance works as a deterrent.

5. A Pepper Spray Gun

Would you like to combine the legality of pepper spray with the ranged effectiveness of a Taser? Then you need to get a pepper spray gun. 

Produce one of these from your handbag, and its intimidating looks, looking like a mini flare gun, will probably be enough to put off most attackers. If they’re persistent, light them up with a blast from the gun. It fires pepper spray to a range of 20 feet and is good for multiple shots before it needs reloading.

6. A Self Defense Ring

This is one of the most stealthy self-defence weapons on the market. This looks like any regular ring, but when you make a fist, the ring releases a small point, enhancing the power of your punches.

You can wear these all the time, but if you’re not comfortable with that, they will easily fit into your purse, and you can slip it on when you feel threatened. On a similar note, you can also buy self-defence necklaces that contain hidden blades or have hard steel chains that you can use as a weapon.

7. Keychain Weapons

Self-defense keychains have been gaining popularity in recent years. Cat ear keychains are particularly popular. From the outside, these look like a cute cat keyring, but the ears are razor-sharp, making them perfect for self-defense.

If you’re threatened, you grab your keys, put a finger through the hole in the chain and you’ve got a knuckle duster. The legality of these varies from state to state, but if they’re legal in your state, they represent a fantastic self-defence tool.

The Best Self Defense Weapon For You

All of these weapons have their uses, but which one is the best self-defence weapon for you? We’d recommend something that can be used at the range or something that could be a deterrent at close range.

For instance, a taser or pepper spray gun is great for an attacker at the range. Yet a tactical knife is a fantastic option for the fear it can produce in an attacker.

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