8 Reasons Why a Bean Bag Could Be the Best Purchase You Make This Year

Many of us look back on our childhood years and fondly remember beanbags as bedroom staples. They were as close to a perfect piece of furniture as it gets. Thanks to their unique composition, they could be pushed, pulled and prodded into almost any shape, making them optimum seats for reading, playing video games, chatting on the phone with friends and virtually any other leisurely activity.

Fortunately for those of us who’ve outgrown our childhood furniture, those lightweight and accommodating home furnishings have followed suit. Adult sized beanbag chairs are now readily available, and today’s grown-ups have a number of reasons for making them part of their living spaces.

1) Adequately Sized

Despite their numerous benefits, most youth beanbags are impossibly small. Granted, with a little effort and caution, many adults can still fold themselves into a standard model. Of course, clambering back out of them isn’t quite so simple. Adult versions are designed with fully grown humans in mind, so they don’t present quite the same hurdles as their diminutive counterparts.

2) Versatility

Just like the beanbags of youth, grown-up alternatives can be utilized in any number of ways. They’re nice, spacious chairs but can also pull double duty as sofas or loveseats. Some are made to seat up to six people without being cramped.

These wonderful pieces of furniture offer ample seating for guests while being an ideal venue for couples to stretch out and enjoy a cosy evening of snuggling and watching movies. If overnight visitors come along, adult beanbags can also make comfy beds. Some versions are even designed for outdoor use, so they serve as versatile options for lounging and entertaining on the patio or poolside.

3) Selection

For decades now, children’s beanbags have been available in an endless array of colours and patterns, from basic black to vibrant flowers and neon leopard prints. All those variations are great for furnishing a youngster’s room, but they don’t always fit in with adult décor.

At the same time, the primary upholstery option for kids’ models is vinyl. While this material makes for easy cleanup in the event of spills, it’s also notoriously squeaky, sweaty and known for making literal impressions on those who sit on it.

Beanbags geared toward grown-ups are available in an equally extensive range of choices, all of which are designed to be softer, quieter and much easier on the skin. You’ll find numerous colours as well as materials on the market, from elegant gray microsuede to funky, fuzzy purple. They can easily meld with any décor and colour scheme.

4) Portability

How many of us remember sneaking our beanbags out of our bedrooms and into the family room only to be chased back to our rooms with beanbags in tow? From the beginning, one of the most alluring qualities of beanbags has been the ability to move them around at will without having to constantly ask for help.

Adult varieties are quite a bit heavier than children’s versions, but they’re still more lightweight and portable than standard sofas, recliners and armchairs. They can be carried from the living room to the den, dragged upstairs to the bedroom and slid anywhere they need to be in any area of the home. With these pieces, rearranging a room is as simple as making the decision to do so though having an extra helping hand couldn’t hurt.

5) Simple Cleanup

Grown-ups are no less prone to spills than children in many cases, and adult bean bag chairs are made to handle the possibility. They’re often treated with a stain-resistant solution before leaving the factory, so some stains can simply be wiped or blotted away.

Most have removable outer covers. Some can be tossed in the washing machine and cleaned according to standard fabric care guidelines. Others, such as microsuede, may need to be dry-cleaned on occasion. Either way, they’re equipped with heavy-duty inner liners to keep the stuffing intact while the outer cover is being cleaned.

6) Durability

While no piece of furniture is completely impervious to damage, adult beanbags are built to last. With sturdy fabric and reinforced seams, they can withstand the weight of multiple people and hold up to heavy plopping and repeated use. Small tears may be repaired with iron-on patches available at numerous crafting or fabric stores. Some manufacturers offer their own assortments of patch kits.

7) Refillable

Some adult beanbags are filled with the same polystyrene balls as those for children, which gives them their conformity and flexibility. Though they do tend to flatten out over time, bean bag refills are readily available at several stores across the country.

Others are stuffed with shredded polyurethane, much like the type of material used to make memory foam mattresses. This holds its shape while offering optimal comfort and longevity. If you need a little more support than what the beanbag provides straight from the factory, this type of filling can be purchased in stores as well.

Either type of filler is lightweight for easy moving, and both are nonflammable for added safety. Polyurethane can even be flattened out for simpler storage and still puffs back up ready for use afterward.

8) Nostalgia

Grown-up beanbag chairs have a unique way of bringing back childhood memories without detracting from adult décor. While sitting back and relaxing in style and comfort, you and your guests can relive those days of youth when your child-sized furniture aptly accommodated everything from extended homework sessions to birthday sleepovers.

On top of all this, these beanbags aren’t meant solely for grown-ups. They’re perfect for the entire family. Everyone can gather around to lounge and enjoy each other’s company. From quiet nights at home to large-scale gatherings with friends and family, you just can’t go wrong with a giant beanbag chair.

In a Nutshell

Beanbags have come a long way from those small, restrictive models we remember from childhood. Different sizes, styles, colours and fabrics are available to accommodate the full range of needs. Use them to supplement your furniture or replace it altogether, and enjoy the ultimate versatility, durability, longevity and nostalgia they’re bound to offer.

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