8 Signs that Your Child has a Musical Gift

In most cases, children will seem to rock to any music they hear. That does not necessarily mean they are all on the path to being musical stars. A child banging pots and plates is no sure sign for a future rock star. Pablo Picasso’s once opined that “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. One effective way to ensure that they remain with their musical artistry is to grow their talent. They may have innate talents, but they need some training to hone their skills even more. So, how do you know you have a musical prodigy in your hands? Let us look at some of the common signs to look out for.

They know when instruments are playing out of tune

A child with an aptitude for music will notice when songs and instruments play out of tune. The sound may sound okay to other people, but a child with musical capabilities will pick on that. The best explanation for that is that musically talented kinds tend to have a heightened sensitivity to sound. Their level of sensitivity matches that of someone with above-average musical talent. They also have an above-average musical memory. You can test your child’s ability to identify correct pitch by deliberately singing a song out of tune and seeing their opinion.

They want to listen to music all the time

If your child is constantly asking you to play their favourite songs on your phone or the radio, it might be because music is something they find immense pleasure experiencing. And that is a sure way to know if your child is musically gifted. A child with musical talents usually gets more stimulated with music than with other activities. If your little one is always talking about music and asking to listen to it, you may want to nurture their musical capability. Improve their abilities and creative thinking because you could be looking at the next musical star that will take the world by storm.

They are drawn to musical instruments

Naturally, musically gifted children tend to derive endless pleasure fiddling with musical instruments. They will want to try different notes and experiment with the sound of various musical instruments. Also, they can play some notes from songs they have heard before on TV or the internet without any instructions. A regular child may lose interest quickly, but a child whose talents incline towards music will spend hours without losing interest. If your child shows a more than average interest in learning instruments, they may have an inherent musical talent.

You find your child humming to tunes they have listened to before

A child with musical talent will often sing and hum melodies of songs they have heard before. The minds seem to pick and remember musical information more than the brain of a regular child. Also, a musically gifted child will find it pleasurable to recreate the beautiful tunes they have heard before at will. If you keep catching your child humming and singing songs they have listened to in the past, you might want to think of ways to nurture that interest. Consider enrolling them for private voice lessons to grow their ability and introduce them to a professional who will guide them.

They have rhythmic movements when listening to music

It is not unusual for children to rock their bodies when listening to music. To know if your child’s talent is above average, look at their movement. A musically gifted child will have rhythmic movements when listening to their favourite tunes, like a custom happy birthday song. They will clap along with the beat and stomp their feet to the rhythm of the music. Their bodies do not sway anyhow. All their movements will be in sync with the musical rhythm of the song. Most children will have the ability long before they are three years old.

Music tugs at their heart

Another characteristic that some kids with musical talents display is a heightened sense of emotion when they listen to music. They will be overjoyed to listen to happy songs and be sad when a sad song plays. Musically gifted children experience music more deeply in comparison to their counterparts. Therefore, they are more likely to be affected by music.

They know a song after listening to just a few notes

This ability is not that rare. However, it can point to the direction of musical capability. It is not a sure way to know if your child is gifted. But it sure points to considerable music potential. Not everyone has the ability to identify a song after listening to only a few notes. If they show this sign among others, it may mean something. You may be looking at the next Elvis Presley or Elton John.

They enjoy the music in the world

A musically gifted child will listen to music anywhere in the world. With a natural musical intelligence, they are always listening for music in the world. They may tap their pencils rhythmically or enjoy listening to the birds chirp and bells ringing. They are attracted to sounds of the world and may make random noises with voices to join with other musical sounds they hear in the world.

Final remarks

There are several distractions in the world today. It is easy for your child’s musical talent to slip you. Many responsibilities are fighting for your attention. You may fail to notice some of the signs we have stated above. It is worth noting that if the musical talent does not grow, it may not amount to anything substantial. Invest and breed their different interests. Try to encourage them by appreciating their music. Teach them to value themselves and their talents. If they fail to love a musical instrument, introduce them to another. Encourage them to try different musical instruments until they find what they love. Have them listen to different genres of music to expose them to different styles of music. Teach them that there is never an end to learning.

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