8 Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy & Happy

Cats are our cute and cuddly feline family members that we love to have around. They are soft, graceful beings that make us smile with all their playfulness. Everyone with a pet cat recognizes the warm feeling of having them sit in your lap or greet you at the door with their shin rubs and purrs. Kitties make the world a better place for us, and we have to make their lives easier. Here are some tips to keep the furry members of your household healthy and happy:

Give your cat a balanced diet and proper hydration

For your cat to be in perfect health, you need to provide them with a properly balanced diet. A balanced diet will help maintain a healthy weight. When shopping for cat food, ensure that you select high-quality formulas. Read through the ingredient labels to know what exactly is going into your cat’s mouth and if it is safe.

Provide your furry child with plenty of animal protein. It is worth noting that a common health problem with cats is being overweight. While doing your best to ensure that the cat is fed, be careful that you do not overfeed the cat. Cats are cute and can convince you to give them more food than they need.

Consult your vet concerning your cats’ nutritional needs. They are in the best position to suggest the best diet tailored to your cat. One other essential thing that cats need is water. See, in the wild, cats get hydrated from eating live prey. For domestic cats, you need to be keen to provide them with enough water to avoid the risk of urinary problems. Canned food is excellent for hydration. Get a water fountain or leave a simple bowl of water in your cat’s way to encourage it to drink water more frequently.

Keep things fun and prioritise playtime

Cats mostly seem aloof and independent, and it is easy to forget to keep them occupied. Most people assume that since cats are low maintenance, they do not need playtime. That could not be further from the truth. Cats also need to stay active. Playing helps them exercise and maintain their muscle tone.

They get to use their brain and also burn excess calories.

Cats are natural stalkers, and entertaining toys help them satisfy the hunting instinct. Have interactive playtime with your cats. Get them a variety of toys. You can play fetch with them by throwing toys down the stairs and having them get the toys. Laser pointer toys are a great alternative to get the cats running and elevating their heart rates. Organize playdates for your feline friends or get more than one so they can have a friend to help them stay active.

Keep the parasites at bay

Imagine going through life with something biting on your skin every other time. That is an unbearable life. It is hard for cats to enjoy a happy life when constantly scratching at fleas and ticks. These parasites give both mental and physical anguish to your cats. Internal parasites like heartworms are also a cause of discomfort.

To keep your cats healthy and happy, you need to have frequent checks to protect your cats from problematic and deadly pests. Take preventative measures like issuing either oral, topical or injectable medicines regularly or as recommended by your vet.

Ensure that the litter box is always clean

Cats are generally clean and have sensitive noses. They will prefer to use sparkling litter boxes. Remove waste from the litter box daily and ensure that you wash the box every so often. That will not only keep your house smelling fresh but also improve the relationship your cat has with their toilet. Consider using premium tofu cat litter to ensure that your cat gets the best. Also, cleaning the litter frequently helps you catch any issues with their urinary and digestive systems in time.

If you see any blood signs in the urine or stool, you need to make an appointment with the vet as soon as possible. Also, if the cat is constantly boycotting the litter box or having accidents around the home, it may be due to an infection.

Spay or neuter your cat

Altering your cat will improve the quality of their life significantly. The thing is, reproductive issues tend to affect both male and female cats. Spaying helps to prevent uterine infections, breast tumours and ovarian cancers in female cats.

Neutering, on the other hand, prevents testicular cancer and reduces the likelihood of prostate problems. An additional advantage to these surgeries is that they reduce the cats’ drive to escape outdoors to mate. That helps to curb pet overpopulation.

Keep potentially harmful chemicals far from your cats’ reach

Cats are generally curious. Their curiosity could sometimes get them in harm’s way. Protect the health of your cat by being vigilant about any potential poisons and chemicals. They could be anything like herbicides, medication, house plants and rodenticides.

Keep such household items in places where your cat can not reach them. Appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, cupboards and fridges should also remain locked so that cats do not climb in or get trapped, especially when no one is around.

Groom your cat regularly

Cats spend hours grooming themselves. However, they benefit from regular brushing and combing. Combing your cats’ fur removes dead hair from their coats so that they do not ingest it when self-grooming.

You will reduce hairballs and untangle any knots in your cat’s long hair. Furthermore, regularly brushing your cat helps you notice any irregularities. They could be anything like lumps, bumps, sore spots or any other dermatological issues.

Have regular veterinary visits

Schedule annual visits to the vet. They allow the doctor to identify any diseases and catch them in their early stages. They can also clean the feline’s teeth and administer vaccines. You also get to confirm with your doctor if the cat has a healthy weight or if you should make some changes in the diet.

Wrapping up

Far from the furniture scratching, aloof creatures that most people assume cats to be, they are also intelligent and beautiful pets that entertain us and make life bearable every day. With the tips above, you will ensure that your cat is healthy and happy!

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