A Guide to Making Your Home Safe and Secure


If you’re worried about the safety and security of your home, don’t worry. This guide will make your home much more secure, so try out the tips outlined below.


Be Careful with Your Keys

If a burglar enters your home with spare keys that you lost, you might not be able to claim the insurance money you’re due. So, you need to keep your spare keys in a safe and secure location. Losing them will create huge problems. You could leave them with a family member or hidden somewhere in your home.

Storing your normal keys in a safe location is important too. Don’t leave them near the front door because some burglars can try to reach them with a wire through the letterbox. It’s a good idea to keep the keys by your bed at night. That way, you’ll have them at hand in the event of a fire too.


Buy in a Good Community

Where you live can also affect the safety and the security of your home. When you’re moving to a new location, you should do some research on the crime rates in the area to make sure the location is safe. You don’t want to buy in an area that’s known for the high number of burglaries and break-ins.

Living in a good community in which people communicate with one another and discuss problems will help too. Communities in Bella Terra are very cohesive, so look what they have to offer. You could also think about setting up a neighbourhood watch group to keep the whole community more secure.


Strengthen the Doors

Most burglaries involve people using force to get into the home. This is often done by kicking through the front door. Burglars know how to spot a door that’s old and damaged. They’re the ones that are easiest to break through, so you need to think about upgrading yours if it’s not strong enough.

If you don’t want to replace the whole door, you should consider replacing the hinges if they’re starting to rust a little. By replacing them with newer, stronger hinges, you’ll make it a lot harder for anyone to kick the door off its hinges. Think about adding extra locks to the door as well.


Install Alarms

Homes without burglar alarms on them are more likely to be targeted by criminals. That’s because they see the opportunity to get away with their crime. So, they act as a great deterrent. But they will also help stop a break-in in its tracks if someone does make an attempt to break into your home.

Burglar alarms are not the only type of alarm you should have though. Smoke alarms are just as important because fires are as big a threat to your safety as break-ins are. If you haven’t got a couple of smoke alarms in your home, you need to install them. And then change the battery regularly to make sure they’re in working order.


Home safety is vitally important, so make sure you take these tips into consideration.

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