A Guide to Throwing a Lovely Birthday Party for Your Child

Children love to celebrate their birthdays. It’s a day where they will receive all the attention and ask for any gift they want. As a parent though, you might shudder at the thought of throwing a birthday. Perhaps you don’t have the budget for it or don’t know where to start planning. Well, let’s give you a few tips on throwing that memorable birthday party for your kid. 

Select the theme for the party 

When planning your child’s birthday party, the first step would be to set a theme that aligns with their interests. You could decide to decorate their party based on their favourite cartoon characters, such as Elsa or Moana. A great alternative would be to choose a theme based on their favourite toy or a place they once visited. Popular themes for kids’ birthday parties include mermaids, fairies, dinosaurs, and video games. 

Write a guest list and send out invitations

The number of guests you intend to invite will depend on your budget. Start by choosing the main guests, such as family and close friends, and create some wiggle room for a few more guests. Once your guest list is complete, you could decide to get some store-bought invitations or customize them according to the theme of the party. Alternatively, you can design a digital poster and send it out to the guests via email or platforms such as WhatsApp. Include basic information in the invitation, such as the date, time, venue, and address. 

Select a convenient location

It would be best to select a location that is easy to access, especially if other children are coming to the party with their parents. People may not want to attend if the venue is in a hard-to-reach place. Assess your budget and determine whether you prefer to host the party at home or you can afford to hire a platform. If your kid’s birthday is in the summer, you can throw the party just right in your backyard or any other place with a garden. It’s convenient both for children and adults. Besides, in such areas, you can place an eye-catching custom inflatable matching your party’s theme which will surely be loved by your child. It can be of any design, a castle, a house, a tunnel, or whatever your child wants. The downside of throwing your kid’s birthday at home is that you will be too busy hosting to enjoy the party. You will also have the task of setting up the venue from scratch and cleaning up after everyone has gone. 

Hire a kid’s entertainer 

Before bringing an entertainer to your child’s party, ask them how long their performance will be and how much they will charge you for an appearance. It is also essential to find out whether they will be in a costume the entire time. If you’re on a tight budget, you could bring in a face painter and let the children decide which cartoons or animals they would like painted on their faces. 

Think about the menu 

Now that you have sorted out your guest list and the venue for the party, it’s time to think about what they will eat and drink. Find out whether any of your guests have allergies or are under any dietary restrictions so that you can accommodate everybody’s needs. You could also include a few snacks and goody bags for the children at the party. Chances are the children at the party will be too excited to eat, so don’t worry too much about your food budget. 

Don’t forget to serve some ice cream during the party. Yes, children love ice cream on the menu. Again, plan for everything early. If you are going for the homemade option, you will need to know what are cream chargers, where to find some fancy ice cream cups and everything you’ll need to help you serve sweetness to the birthday guests. 

Let your guests know what time the party starts and ends 

Avoid keeping your party open-ended because guests might arrive too late and linger at the venue too long. Kids birthday parties should last a maximum of three hours long if the child is under five years old. To avoid confusion and tardiness, ensure you are clear about the start and finishing times of the party so that the program runs smoothly. 

Bake or buy a birthday cake 

The most important aspect of a kids’ birthday party has got to be the birthday cake. You could ask your child whether they want a cake or some tiny cupcakes instead, or both. If you’re going to cut costs, you could bake the cake yourself and get creative with the icing. Some great options would be wafers, chocolates, candy, or sprinkles. For parents who decide to buy a cake, ensure you order well in advance to give the baker time to get your cake ready.  

Arrange for party décor 

A party without décor is dull. If you are hosting your child’s birthday party at home, you have the option to buy decorations from the store or make them yourself. Get some art supplies from the store and involve the whole family in making the party favours for your child’s party. Ensure you get plenty of balloons, ribbons, table cloths, and a birthday banner to make the place look colourful and bright. 

Organise some fun activities and games 

After you have made sure that most of the party preparations are underway, you need to develop a program for the party. You wouldn’t want your guests to arrive and get bored an hour into the celebration. Keep in mind the kids’ age present as you compile a list of fun games for them to play. You could also think of some ice breakers for the adults in attendance. Please don’t forget to watch the kids play to prevent them from getting hurt. 

Prepare a table for presents 

Last but not least, set aside a table or a corner where guests can bring presents for the birthday boy or girl. You wouldn’t want anything fragile to get mishandled and eventually break. The children might also start fighting over gifts that don’t belong to them. Have a guestbook at the table where guests can write some kind words and sign as they bring a present. 

Final remarks

With the guidelines discussed above, you will be able to plan adequately for your child’s birthday party without much stress. Ensure you stick to your budget and find ways to cut costs where you can. Also, hire pros where you might be short of skill. 

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