How To Invest In The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe This Winter

The capsule wardrobe concept is trending because people are more conscious about money and space. Filling up your closet with loads of clothes you may never wear does not make sense. Minimalism is a far better way to buy clothing and style them for all occasions. It enables you to save time, space, and money. Moreover, you can be more creative with your personal style. But creating a winter collection is a tad more complicated as you must invest in layers, so you need to manage space and budget frugally. Let us share some actionable tips to build a perfect capsule wardrobe this winter.

Understand the concept

If you are new to the capsule concept, you must understand it in the first place. The approach embraces minimalist style, with 15-20 items in your closet, including clothing, footwear, and accessories. You can decide on the number that works for you and prepare a checklist of items accordingly. Avoid stocking up more than the number, no matter how much you want to buy a trending item. 

Sort your closet

The next step before building your capsule wardrobe this winter is to sort it out in the first place. You may not have to spend big if your collection already has a lot of stuff. Winter clothing is more durable and tends to last for years, provided you buy quality products and maintain them well. Also, declutter things that do not fit or look outdated. Once you sort your closet, you are all set to rebuild it.

Personally, I need a pair of wide-leg pants (I love these pants at Trenery), a black fitted knit (another Trenery item) that I can wear with pants and skirts, a couple of pairs of PJs (I’ve found Sussan PJs are great for my 5″10 height (their pants are long and don’t ride up my legs) and flat boots for casual wear (I’m tossing up between these Frankie4 boots or Hush Puppies boots). 

Think layers

When it comes to stocking up for winter, you must think of layers instead of things to wear under them. Explore the basics, like overcoats, trench coats, leather jackets, and hooded sweaters. A puffer jacket or wool coat is essential for your winter capsule wardrobe because they look good and keep you extra warm. Moreover, you can style them for every occasion. Investing in layers is better than buying more tops and tees. 

Choose your colours wisely

A capsule wardrobe is more than picking the basics and mixing them randomly. You must choose your colours wisely to get creative with your ensembles. Although neutrals like black, grey, blue, and brown are versatile, your collection must have a pop of colour to make the season bright and happy. You can play with colours in tops (maybe knits or long-sleeve tees) because bottom wear tends to be basic.

Consider your lifestyle

Your lifestyle is one of the key factors when deciding on your capsule wardrobe, regardless of your season. Of course, professional styling differs from casual and party dressing, so you must decode the kind of clothing and accessories you must have. The good thing is that you can pick double-duty items that work for all occasions. But creating a  balance is a sensible approach when you embark on a shopping spree.

Building a winter capsule wardrobe is easier than you imagine. Choose wisely while considering your taste, budget, and lifestyle. Also, buy timeless pieces and remember not to skimp on quality.