Add Cupid’s Touch To Your Relationship By Building Intimacy

“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.” -Stephanie Perkins.

Establishing intimacy in a relationship is as important as emotional connection. It helps make your bond strong and creates a mutual understanding that helps you go through every phase of life. And most importantly, intense intimacy gives you the ability to sit in silence without feeling awkward. It is not limited to physical connection, instead promotes happiness and flourishes the relationship. 

However, building strong intimacy is easier said than done. You and your partner need to put your guards down, be honest with each other and understand personal values to create that bond. So, if you and your partner are also struggling to add cupid’s touch to your relationship, continue reading this article to learn about some measures. 

  • Express Your Love Every Chance You Get

First of all, understand that intimacy is an expression of love. It helps you connect with your genuine emotions that need to be expressed in the most honest way possible. Plus, the emotion or feeling should be from both sides. You and your partner must put effort or energy into “say” and “show” what you truly feel about each other. It will help keep away insecurities or trust issues that often ruin a relationship. So, say out loud those three magical words every chance you get. 

  • Add Playfulness To Your Romance

Another thing that you should try to do is add fun and playfulness to your bond and romance. It helps keep things spicy and exciting while also offering you the opportunity to learn something new about your partner. Flirting with your partner, playing hard to get, or using adult toys or products to make your cozy moments enticing yet lighthearted. In fact, you can consider exploring options available in a sex shop if you find the latter idea interesting. Try and experiment with as many things as you can. It will help you find what works the best for you and your partner. 

  • Show Gratitude In Everyday Life

Studies have shown that a simple act of gratitude, such as saying “Thank you” to your partner on a regular basis, helps improve and strengthen your relationship. It helps partners appreciate each other’s presence in their life and how they make everything feel better. In today’s era of temporary connections, sincere gratitude will help make the bond last longer, perhaps forever! 

Tip: You don’t need a specific reason to say thank you to your partner. You can express your gratitude for the things they do for you or themselves in everyday life. For instance, you can say, “thank you for taking care of your own self.” It might sound a bit cliche, but it will surely help build a strong connection and understanding between you both. 

Wrapping It All Up

These are some ways that you must try to build intimacy in your relationship. Understand that intimacy can help improve your emotional connection and minimize the chances of flights or disputes. It will further help you and your partner grow as a couple.