Add Privacy To Your Garden With These Chic Ideas

When you’re living in close proximity to your neighbours, it can make you feel like you are being watched. Especially when you are trying to enjoy your garden in the summer. This can stop you from feeling completely at ease and stop you wanting to use your garden as much as you would like to. While you could build high brick walls around your home’s boundaries, this can make it feel like a fortress. If this isn’t the look and impression you want to create, you might think you have no other options. Thankfully, there are ways of adding privacy in a more chic and attractive way. Read on to find out more.

Install screen fencing

Fencing is one of the most popular ways of adding privacy and security to a garden. But if they are too high and dark, they can block all light from entering your garden. This isn’t ideal if you want to top up you tan. Instead of using large wooden panels, you should opt for decorative screen fencing as an alternative. These can add interest to your garden while also reflecting your personal taste and style. While also keeping your home secure and allowing plenty of light to enter. Contact a screen fencing specialist today to arrange a home visit and to see their extensive range of designs and styles. It shouldn’t take long to find one that you love.

Create a herb wall

If you’ve always wanted to create your own herb garden, now is the perfect time to do so. This can not only help you spruce up your mealtimes but can also add the extra privacy you crave. Get creative and create a structure that makes good use of the vertical space. You could attach metal shelves to a wooden frame for instance. Another option is to use an old bookcase or shelving unit to house your herbs. Look online on sites like Pinterest for inspiration if you need to. Whatever you decided to use, position your herb wall so it blocks your neighbours view.

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Use tall garden planters

Another quick and easy way of adding privacy to your garden is by using tall garden planters. They can also add some much-needed color and style to the space. Cluster your planters together and plant large shrubs and plants into them. Position these around the seating area in your garden, preferably in a cluster. This will create a wall-like effect which takes full advantage of the height and width of the plants and the planters. As well as obstructing the view, they might also be able to provide shade during warm weather. You can also move them around if you want to. Visit your local garden centre to find tall planters and for guidance on which plants you should use.


Whether you want to socialize in peace or crave some alone time, you now can. These ideas can be used in any garden, regardless of it’s size and your budget. They can also be erected in no time at all. So what are you waiting for? Create the stylish and private garden of your dreams today!


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