An Easy Guide To Understanding Wedding Customs

When it comes to weddings, there are a lot of customs that you may not be familiar with. To ensure that your wedding day will be a memorable one, make sure that you understand these traditions. Here is an easy guide to help you understand some of these customs and how they will affect your wedding day experience.

Men often plan a memorable proposal

One of the primary things that you need to understand when it comes to wedding customs is that men plan a memorable proposal. It is when a man offers a ring to his partner, signifying a lifelong vow. Some men prefer to give their significant another one of the best moissanite engagement rings when they propose. This is because this type of ring is not only beautiful but it is durable as well.

The bride’s father walks her down the aisle

More often than not, the bride’s father will walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. This tradition is steeped in history and is meant to show that the father is passing his daughter along to the groom. Along with walking his daughter down the aisle, the bride’s father will also give her away to the groom. This is another symbolic gesture that shows that he is entrusting his daughter into the hands of her husband-to-be.

The bride usually stands on the groom’s left

Traditionally, the bride will stand on the groom’s left side during the wedding ceremony. This custom can be traced back to when women were considered property of their husbands. Standing on the left ensured that she was closest to him and under his protection. This also means that the bride’s family will usually sit on the groom’s right. This way, they are closest to their daughter during the wedding ceremony.

A maid of honour is chosen to help the bride with her dress, veil, and train

The role of the maid of honour is to help the bride with her dress, veil, and train. This person is usually a close friend or family member of the bride who she can rely on during this time. The maid of honour is also responsible for organizing the bridal party and helping to make sure that everything goes according to plan on the wedding day. Usually, she is chosen by the bride and in turn, the maid of honour will choose the bridesmaids.

The bride and groom share the first dance

After the wedding ceremony has concluded, the bride and groom will usually share their first dance as husband and wife. This is often seen as a very special moment for the newlyweds. It is a time when they can celebrate their new marriage and enjoy some quality time together. For most couples, this is the beginning of a long and happy journey together.

The wedding day is a beautiful, emotional event for the couple. However, it also has some specific traditions that need to be followed to have a successful ceremony and reception afterward. Knowing what these are before you get started will help you plan your big day accordingly so everyone can enjoy themselves.

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