Anniversary Gifts by Year: What’s the Best Gift for Your Sweetheart?

Did you know that anniversaries are important to keeping the romance alive between you and your partner?

After many years together, it’s easy to get complacent. That’s why it’s important to spice things up again with some beautiful gifts for each anniversary.

If you’re uncertain what to give each other in your first ten years, keep reading. We’ll go through the modern anniversary gifts by year so that you’ll never struggle to find the perfect gift for your loved one!

First Anniversary: Clocks

Clocks are a unique way to show someone that you’re committed to spending time with them which makes them perfect for the first anniversary. By giving each other a gift that features a clock, you’re giving your significant other the idea of spending the rest of time together.

Watches are great anniversary gifts for the first year, but there’s always room to be creative!

Second Anniversary: China

China is a beautiful material that’s delicate and needs tender care. Despite the fragility, it’s beautiful in a way that’s hard to explain. 

This makes it a good representation of any loving relationship. You both need to work together to keep your relationship in one piece, and you’ll remind each other of that with a gift of something made from china.

Third Anniversary: Glass

Once you hit your third year, it’s time to reflect on the beauty of your life together. You’ll look through the glass to see all the years ahead of you as a couple.

Crystalline gifts are also acceptable on a third anniversary since they’re similar in material and give the same idea as glass. It’s up to personal preference!

Fourth Anniversary: Appliances

It’s not often that you’re recommended to gift someone an appliance. It’s frowned upon in most instances because it’s not very exciting and often leads to arguments. Appliances, however, are the focus of modern fourth-anniversary gift ideas.

This practical gift shows that you both are committed and comfortable enough with each other that you can focus on the needs of your everyday life. Make sure your significant other understands that this is the year of appliances so that no one is disappointed when you exchange gifts.

Plus, it’s always possible to find a fun appliance that you both enjoy so that it doesn’t feel too mundane!

Fifth Anniversary: Silverware

Silverware is a practical gift that, if given enough thought, can be both beautiful and unique. It’s a good way to reflect on all of the years you’ve spent together by focusing on the meals you’ve shared. Every meal is a small part of your busy lives that you get to spend with one another, so it’s worth cherishing.

What better way to look forward to all of the future meals by using fancy new silverware together? Even if you end up using the normal utensils in your regular day-to-day routine, silverware is the best way to represent this fifth-year milestone.

Sixth Anniversary: Wood

Natural beauty and strength shine on your sixth anniversary. Wooden gifts have a unique quality that you can’t quite get by other means. They’re beautiful while still retaining a resilient strength that remains strong against all kinds of outside forces.

A gift made from wood shows your partner that you’re certain that the two of you will last for years to come. Plus, it shows that you see the natural beauty in your relationship and it isn’t going to fade away.

Seventh Anniversary: Desks

Most anniversary ideas steer clear of bringing up work since we want to focus on the romantic side of things. In your seventh year, however, desk sets are the star.

No marriage lasts without a lot of effort and work. A desk shows that you acknowledge all of the hard work you and your partner put into both your professional lives and your relationship.

It’s also a practical idea because it gives you a whole new way to tackle the work ahead of you. With a new desk, you can do this in both style and comfort.

Eighth Anniversary: Lace

Lace is stunning to look at and it’s a great representation of all the woven threads you’ve created with your partner over the years. It looks complicated and even messy upon close inspection, but it comes together to create something gorgeous.

In addition to this, lace is also far stronger than you might realize. Those individual strands are weak, but once woven together, they’re tough to break. Much like your own relationship that is difficult to destroy now that you’ve woven so many strong threads with one another.

There are plenty of ways to gift each other a bit of lace, from the functional to the playful so make sure to have fun with it!

Ninth Anniversary: Leather

Long-lasting and protective, leather is a comforting gift that shows how much you and your partner endured throughout the years. Despite its durability, leather doesn’t last long without proper care. It’s the same with relationships.

It’s one of the best anniversary gifts because you are always reminded of the care and comfort you need to give to one another.

Tenth Anniversary: Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are forever and this is why they’re the focus of this milestone anniversary. They sparkle with beauty but are stronger than most other materials.

This type of gift allows you to call back to girlfriend jewelry ideas from when you were dating and turn them into an anniversary celebration.

Every time you and your partner wear your diamond jewelry, you’ll be reminded of one another. It’s a nice way to represent the idea of looking forward to the next ten years together!

Make Each Other Smile With These Anniversary Gifts by Year

By following this anniversary gifts by year guide, it’s easy to find a suitable present for your significant other. It’s also a great way to get rid of the stress of gift-giving that plagues most of us when anniversaries come around. 

Instead, go into each anniversary excited and renew those feelings of love all over again!

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