Appreciate That Dignified Friend in Style with these 3 steps

Many of us have that special friend in our lives that has impacted us tremendously in one way or the other. We often feel a longing to reciprocate the gesture by lending a helping hand when they’re in need.

But sometimes, we don’t often find that opportunity to help in our capacity, especially when that person is of superior or distinguished status. We go, “What can I offer this person that’ll evidently show how grateful I am for all they’ve done?”

No matter how classy that friend is, there are ways you can celebrate them that they’ll greatly appreciate. As a woman of style, here are sure-fire ways to appreciate that notable friend.

1.     Make a toast to them

Is it their wedding or birthday party? A commemoration? It could even be your own party. But here your friend is, sitting happily. Making a toast is one sure-fire way to appreciate your dignified friend. Toasts are an incredible way to express emotion during a special occasion. For starters, it is a public show of gratitude. Secondly, you get the chance to make your friend feel on top of the world.

If you’re shy, prepare by rehearsing what you want to say. But most importantly, do your best to make it passionate and as brief as can be. Let your speech arrest the guests’ attention and let your friend see how thankful you are for how instrumental they’ve been in your life. While everyone is drinking, eating, and laughing heartily, stand up, hit a glass with a fork to grab their attention, and begin your speech slowly. You could start with a joke, but don’t force it.

2.     Send them an uncommon gift

What better way to celebrate someone than sending them a gift? But then what’s the best gift to send? The best gift is one that the recipient regards with value and heartfelt appreciation. The best gift isn’t the most expensive one. The best gift varies with the occasion and personality.

For appreciating a dignified personality who, perhaps, already has everything you could offer, an appropriate gift may be something rather uncommon. An old & rare bottle of wine can be a remarkable gift to express gratitude to that dignified personality. Wines are everywhere, but a rare one carries value due to its rarity. And it shows how rare you consider the person’s kind.

3.     Make a portrait/painting of them

A custom photo gift is another incredible way to express gratitude and admiration in kind. The person can take pictures. Fine. But you going the extra length to hire a photo-artist or painter to create a masterpiece for them is something else. The fantastic thing about gifting art pieces is that the recipient would hang it on their wall and be reminded of you whenever they gaze upon it. They’ll remember how grateful you are and why not; your bond can even be strengthened.

Gratitude is a powerful act anyone can practice. Do your best to appreciate everything good that comes your way and those people that make life meaningful. And remember, an act of gratitude is an application for more.

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