Are You a Good Candidate for Any Types of Plastic Surgery?

Did you know that more than 17 million cosmetic procedures were completed in 2017 alone? Almost 90% of these procedures were done on women who wanted to improve their image and eliminate aging signs.

There are many types of plastic surgery available for you to choose from such as rhinoplasty, breast implants, lip augmentation, etc. However, before getting plastic surgery, you need to know if you’re a good candidate. Keep reading this article to learn more about the requirements for cosmetic surgery.

You Must Quit Smoking Before and After the Procedure for About 6 Weeks

Ideally, people who don’t smoke at all are good candidates for plastic surgery, but if you smoke occasionally, you can still qualify for a cosmetic procedure. You just have to quit smoking for 6 weeks before and after the surgery. That’s because nicotine is not well tolerated by the body while it’s recovering after plastic surgery, especially if you go for rhinoplasty. To find out more about this type of cosmetic surgery, you can learn more here.

People With Heart Disease Are Not Good Candidates

There are many types of heart diseases such as coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, heart failure, pulmonary stenosis, etc. These diseases are very dangerous as most of them can be fatal. Plastic surgery is not recommended for people with heart disease and your cosmetic surgeon might not agree to it. Even if you have high blood pressure you’re still not eligible for cosmetic surgery because your condition might interfere with the outcome.

People Who Have Diabetes Type 2 Are Not Eligible for Plastic Surgery

Diabetes type 2 is a serious and dangerous health problem. It is characterized by an ability to process sugar correctly. People who have diabetes are not good candidates for plastic surgery because this health issue prevents the body from healing properly. Luckily, diabetes type 2 is a disease that develops in time, so you can catch it early and do something to prevent it.

Having An Autoimmune Disease Might Also Prevent You From Having Cosmetic Procedures

Autoimmune diseases are chronic health problems similar to diabetes. When someone has this type of health problem, the body turns against itself. Immune cells start to attack healthy tissue “believing” that it’s a foreign substance that needs to be neutralized. Autoimmune diseases also prevent your body from healing properly and they are very varied such as lupus, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Heavy Drinkers Or Those Who Take Steroids Are Not Good Candidates

People who drink a lot regularly might have a problem processing all that alcohol and their liver might be full of toxins and chemicals. That’s why heavy drinkers are not good candidates for any type of plastic surgery. Taking steroids also makes you a bad candidate for cosmetic procedures because these substances can seriously alter your endocrine system.

Now You Can Easily Determine if You’re a Good Candidate for Various Types of Plastic Surgery!

Whether you go for rhinoplasty, breast implants, tummy tuck or other types of plastic surgery, now you have a better understanding of these procedures and what might disqualify you as a candidate. For a more accurate diagnosis, make sure that you talk to your doctor and tell him the full details of your health condition as well as what drugs you take regularly.

Also, don’t hesitate to check out the other articles on our website to learn more about cosmetic procedures and how to improve your image in general!

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