Are You Struggling And You Don’t Even Know It? What To Look Out For

Sometimes we can find that we are in situations in life that we perhaps didn’t foresee or plan for. A change in your work circumstances, finances becoming a strain or a break up in an important relationship. These things are all going to cause you issues and perhaps see you struggling with day to day life more than you should be. The problem is, in some cases we don’t even realise that we are struggling, and can therefore find that we sail on through only for things to feel worse over time. I wanted to share with you some of the things to look out for that could identify if you are struggling more than you thought.

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A change in your mood

Maybe you have noticed a change in your mood? Perhaps you are snapping more or feeling less tolerant and patient of others? These can all be signs that you are struggling with other more underlying issues with your lifestyle and can mean that you are feeling the effects of stress. It isn’t something to be afraid of, but learning to deal with sudden mood swings can help you to realise that there is a problem that you can tackle and solve.

Becoming dependent on something

Maybe you have noticed a change in your habits? Perhaps you are growing more dependant on things such as drinking in the evening, drugs maybe, or even your relationship with food might have changed. Perhaps eating too much or too little and you start to notice the effects with your weight. Look out for the warning signs so you can handle the situation before it gets out of control.

Getting stressed over small things

Do you feel like you are getting stressed easily? Perhaps things are taking their toll more than they would normally? Maybe you are struggling with meeting deadlines, or feel that you are finding smaller tasks harder than usual? Stress can be a huge warning sign that you are struggling in some area of your life.

Are you sleeping as well as you should be?

Sleep. The one thing I think many of us would like more of, but simply don’t feel like we are getting enough. It can be a huge sign that you are worrying about something if you are waking in the night or not feeling like you are getting enough sleep. A new routine in the evening could help solve the issue, and allow you to get some sleep. Which in turn may help you to feel more refreshed in the morning.

Struggling with mental illness

Are you starting to feel the effects of a mental illness? Maybe situations are causing you to feel more anxious than they would normally. Maybe your down mood seems to be lingering longer than normal and in turn is making you feel depressed and more alone. Your struggles in daily life, if not handled or dealt with, can lead on to more serious issues with your mental health. Anxiety and depression can take hold at any time, and sometime sit can feel very difficult to get out of a low point.

Your mindset has changed

Maybe your mindset has changed? Perhaps you feel like you are struggling with negativity or down moments, and your thoughts and outlook on life are not helping the situation? A negative mindset can take hold of you more quickly than you may realise, and your thoughts and even the language that you use can have a negative impact on your day to day routine. If you start to notice a shift in your thoughts try and regain some control back.

What should you do?

Finally, you might need to consider the actions that you take to rectify the situation. If you are struggling the chances are that if some of the above symptoms are presenting themselves then there is a real underlying problem that might need addressing. The issue is, you may not directly know what that is. So you need to spend some time really working on your day to day routine and trying to identify when things feel worse than at other times. It might be work, your home life or your relationship. Once it is identified, you can then take the necessary steps to rebuild it.

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