Australian Made Week

If you have been reading Woman of Style and Substance or have been following us online for a while, you will know that we are huge advocates for Australian-owned businesses and Australian-made products. This week, from the 15th until the 21st of May, is Australian Made Week, which encourages shoppers to get involved in seeking out and buying locally-made goods. The easiest way to spot genuine Australian-made or grown products is to look for the trusted green and gold kangaroo label (pictured below).

Whether you are purchasing skincare, homewares, or simply doing your grocery shopping, when you choose Australian-made or grown products you are supporting local manufacturing, local businesses, local families and local communities. In fact, if Australian households spend just $10 a week on Australian Made products we’d inject $4.8B into the economy and create up to 9,500 jobs!

When you buy Australian, you support Australia – you create jobs and boost economic activity while enjoying products made to some of the highest standards in the world. Look out for the Australian Made logo when you shop to be sure you’re buying genuinely Aussie!

Some Aussie Made businesses we love are:

Lucas Papaw Remedies

In his 1906 handbook, after years of research, botanist and surgeon T.P. Lucas stated that he believed the papaw was the finest natural medicine yet discovered. The papaw ointment that T.P. Lucas went on to develop is still a proven remedy used worldwide for its therapeutic benefits and has become a beauty cult essential.


Based on a simple premise of Brush + Floss + Rinse, our Dsmile system offers a new approach to everyday dental care that is not only intelligently designed and beautifully crafted in its aesthetic, but also in its formulation and delivery. Dsmile products sit effortlessly on your bathroom vanity, offering a visual reminder to embrace a new daily ritual.

Dreamtime Dresses

Showcasing the beauty of Aboriginal art and located in Townsville QLD. We create products showcasing the beauty of Aboriginal art. All Dreatime Dresses products are made in-house.

Noosa Basics 

Noosa Basics is a small-batch apothecary located in Noosa, handcrafting simple and effective personal care products using only plant-derived ingredients.

Ethical Brand Co

An exciting one-stop-shop for all your favourite Organic, Australian and Ethically made products! Ethical Brand Co is the owner and manufacturer of EverEscents Organic Hair Care, Eco Style Project, Clever Curl and Noosa Naturals. Four amazing hair and skin care brands changing the way we look at the modern approach to professional personal care products.

Freshwater Farm

Freshwater Farm is our family-owned and operated farm producing a variety of distilled essential oils for the benefit of your skin.

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