10 Ways To Stay Social Throughout Life

Did you know loneliness can harm you just as much as smoking or obesity? Well, it’s true! Researchers have found that loneliness can shorten your life by fifteen years, equivalent to the impact of being obese or smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

If that isn’t reason enough to be social, maybe sharing laughter and making memories will get you off your feet and talking to people. Curious about how best to stay social throughout life? Here are the ten easy ways to do it.

  • Attend Social Events

If you are an introvert, you may feel the urge to say no whenever someone invites you to a social gathering. However, social events such as parties, picnics, and get-togethers are the perfect places to meet new people and have fun.

These events are attended by diverse people, allowing you to broaden your social circle, knowledge, and perspectives. Also, by actively listening and making small talk, you can practice social skills necessary elsewhere in life too.

  • Travel

Travelling introduces you to not only famous sights, cultures, and food, but also to new people. And, the best thing about meeting people when you travel? They come from different backgrounds and cultures and carry unique ideas about the world. 

This means interacting with people from various parts of the world, or even the country, expands your worldview, instils acceptance and tolerance in you, and helps you learn in a way that isn’t possible by staying home.

  • Join A Club

Small talk and holding conversations are very superficial examples of socializing. Instead, truly being social involves feeling like you belong and are contributing positively to a group. 

One way to do that is by joining a club where you can meet people who share your interests, passions, and hobbies. For instance, book clubs and sports teams allow you to interact with fellow literature fanatics and athletes, respectively.

For older adults, retirement villages like Living Choice in Sydney may be the go-to place to look for clubs and recreational activities that catalyze socialization. These communities are designed for aging adults and include all the facilities needed to lead a social life. From swimming to bingo, everything is more fun when you have someone to do it with!

  • Volunteer

Socialising doesn’t always have to involve elaborate parties or expensive trips. Sometimes, it can happen due to people working towards a shared goal or passion.

Meeting people through volunteering not only introduces you to people who feel similarly about helping the community but also helps you learn more about the community you want to serve. 

So, if you want to contribute positively to the community while meeting new people, volunteering is the way.

  • Attend Classes And Workshops

The best friends you ever made were probably back in school. Why? Because you spent a lot of time together, had similar interests, and were focused on learning the same skills. 

As an adult with packed work and family schedules, you now probably don’t have time just to sit leisurely and enjoy yourself. But maybe, you can make time to learn a skill or improve something you already know.

This way, you can make productive use of your time while hanging out with people with similar interests. The best part about the whole thing is when it comes to classes and workshops, they pretty much exist for every skill you can imagine. So learn what you like, and meet people who feel the same.

  • Attend Religious Services

If you were born into a religious family, you might have realized many religious activities are communal. Mass gatherings at churches, mosques, and temples are not only believed to bring one closer to their faith but also to people of the same faith. 

Furthermore, many religious institutions offer extracurriculars, such as the choir, sports teams, or volunteer groups, to help you be an active community member. Participating in such activities enables you to meet people with similar spirituality and beliefs about existence.

  • Join A Fitness Group

Most of us quit soon after setting a fitness goal. That’s because when we exercise alone, we lack motivation and routine.

Fitness groups, such as ones for jogging or strength training, help you find people who are struggling similarly. This way, you can help each other become your best selves while making new friends. 

After all, your health makes you the woman you are, so look after it!

  • Connect On Social Media

While probably not the safest way to meet new people, especially for young children, social media helps you create and maintain friendships in an increasingly convenient way.

Instant messages, pictures, and statuses let you know what your friends are doing, even if they are across the world. 

Also, several online communities are specialized to cater to specific interests. For instance, Linkedin is a great place to start if you want to socialize with like-minded professionals. On the other hand, Pinterest offers a space where creative thinkers can share ideas and artwork.

Here are some fun ways to stay connected through social media.

  • Get Involved In Politics

Being involved in politics doesn’t necessarily mean you must become president or run for an elected post. All it requires is an interest in your community’s issues and some guts to fight for what you believe in.

Participating in community politics introduces you to new people across various professions and with different ideas. No wonder, then, why politicians seem to know anyone and everyone!

  • Attend Support Groups

Last but not least, you can join a support group if you are struggling with being a parent or having trouble balancing your work-home life. Of course, there are support groups for more severe problems, such as addiction, obesity, or alcoholism. 

The bottom line is if you’re having trouble in life, it helps to talk to people who are going through or have overcome similar crises. You learn from their experiences and, hopefully, feel a little less alone.

Here is ​​everything you need to know about joining a support group!