Beautify Your Living Space With Our Simple Tips

All too often, living spaces become the rooms of function and convenience. They are the places where you slouch and laze about. You might do your ironing here or eat your dinner on your lap. Even if you keep on top of the cleaning and tidying, you can quickly feel uninspired by your living room. When guests come over, you want to be able to entertain them in a room that is beautiful, inspiring, and full of character. Can you have it all?

A living room is the place where the family can relax the most. The seating is comfortable and often pointed at the TV. If your living room is the victim of boxset marathons, then now could be the time to hide the TV. Cabinet maker, Amos Groth is keen to give technology a home rather than let it dominate the room. Investing in bespoke cabinetry provides the space you need in the style you want.

If your seating promotes slouching and reclining, then that’s what the room will be used for. But if you want the room to be elegant and intellectual, why not invest in a library cabinet? The housing of books integrated into the room’s walls seamlessly can give the room character and charm. Add a few, pretty single chairs and you can create a space where reading and conversation can co-exist beautifully.


Coffee tables can promote clutter and mess. Why not pick a table that has hidden storage facility? A coffee table with drawers or cupboards underneath provides a home for the remote controls and magazines. A beautiful floral centrepiece can provide a splash of colour and elegance. Try a table runner to add more colour or texture to the wood.

I like having lots of different textures in my rooms. I love the softness of fabrics and the smoothness of wooden floors. Mixing up the textures in your living room can help add depth and character to the space. Use cushions and rugs against woods and metals. Faux furs and wool work beautifully with plastics and pottery. Pick three or four textual ornaments or carvings to bring shape and structure to your furniture.

blush tones living room

I love blush tones and gentle, warm colours. I can’t think of a better choice for my dream living room. If you are looking for a stronger, statement, pick one that is drawn from the existing palette. Deeper shades of the same colour is a safe bet for style and elegance. For contrast and colour, why not pick something from the opposite side of the wheel? Think how well black and white works together!

It’s important to me to unwind and relax in my living room but I would rather do that mentally than physically. Big sofas and recliners take over the room. To create delicate, beautiful spaces, choose seating that suits the size of the room. Don’t be afraid to sit up and enjoy your living room. Make the space functional but clear it of the distractions. Enjoy the beauty of your living space.

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