Beauty Tricks I Wish I Knew When I Was 18

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Of course, I was young and inexperienced and all I wanted is to look my best and to take care of myself in the best possible way. I did a good job, but the beauty standards and the ways things are done have changed drastically, so my mummy couldn’t help much with the tips. However, here is what I wished somebody told me when I was 18.

Save Money on Cosmetics

I wasted a fortune on some ridiculously expensive things in my days. Especially when it comes to cosmetics. I wish somebody told me that the more expensive an item is, doesn’t really mean the better. It may be, but not three times better as the price suggests. It is far more important to get products that suit your skin type and pay a reasonable amount of money.

Things to Pay for and Things to Do Yourself

There are things that you should pay for and there are things you should do yourself. For example, you can wax your legs on your own. Use hot wax, cold wax strips, sugaring paste that you can even make on your own or splurge for an epilator. However, pay for a bikini wax. It is important that that part is done well and in sterile conditions. Pluck your eyebrows, but go and get it done once in a while. Also, do your own facial, but pay somebody to give you a massage. Learn how to do your own nails. It’s fun and cool.

Things around the House

All those masks, body scrubs, cleaners, hair treatments and similar things can be made from the stuff that you have around your home. Egg yolks, honey, sugar, essential oils, olive oil, lemon juice and the like are all ingredients that can be used to make cosmetic treatments for any sort of skin, hair and face. Don’t be lazy and google some homemade cosmetics recipes. Oatmeal and brown sugar make amazing exfoliating scrubs when mashed into strawberries or something similar. Explore this and make a list of things that you should have around the house.


Please, please, please take care of what you eat and exercise! When you are 18 it seems like that body and that skin are about to stay there forever, but they are not. And all the bad stuff is about to start happening quite soon if your body is taking in too much processed fat, carbs and not enough water, fiber, vitamins and the like. The medicine is advancing with each day and in Sydney, you have many great options including dermal fillers done professionally that will reverse the clock on your face. However, your lifestyle may postpone those interventions a bit.

Eighteen is such a cheerful age and carefree. It is just what it needs to be. I know that I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the stories of older ladies who talk about my habits and cosmetics, but I really wished somebody sat me down and told me these things.

Article written by Woman of Style and Substance contributor, Kelly Brook.

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