Beauty and Style Tips For Attending A Wedding

If you want to be the perfect classy wedding guest, you’ve stumbled on the right blog post. Marriage is a very special occasion, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get dressed up. However, you need to remember that it isn’t a night out. You shouldn’t wear your darkest eye makeup and shortest dress. Here are some tips that will help you to get it right:

Go for an Elegant Hairstyle

Weddings are a good opportunity to try a new hairstyle, so go for something elegant. You could have a stylish up do to keep your hair in place all night, or you could even go for a half up, half down style. Having your hair loose is ok, but why not try glamour waves to make it look really special? Make sure you practice beforehand so that you get your hair down to a T before the big day or you could go for a “Princess Kate” blow dry by a professional. Backcombing will be your best friend if you have fine hair, as it’ll help to keep it in place. A light hairspray will hold your hair, but make it look loose and natural rather than crunchy.

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Don’t Show off Too Much Skin

Showing off too much skin at a wedding is a huge no-no. You need to make sure you’re appropriately covered. Cleavage should stay well away, and anything too short won’t look classy. You can get away with showing some slight midriff, and maybe your shoulders! Maxi and midi dresses, jumpsuits, co-ords, and other options are perfect for weddings.

Wear Something Romantically Themed

Weddings are a celebration of love, so wear something romantically themed. Why not go for pastel colours and floral prints? There are a ton of looks you can go for. Rather than looking vampy and sexy, it’s always better to look pretty and girly at a wedding. Take a look on an App like Lookbook for a little inspiration on how to theme your outfit!

Don’t Wear White

Wearing white to a wedding is a huge insult to the bride, so avoid it at all costs. The bride may not have outlined this on her wedding invitations, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok. There are so many other colours to choose from, so stay well away from white! You don’t want to be the disrespectful guest that everybody talks about.

Keep Your Makeup Subtle

Subtle makeup is the best thing to go for at a wedding. You can still make your face look flawless and your eyes wide without a ton of foundation and eyeshadow! Choose light colours and make it look pretty rather than ‘fierce’. There are tutorials online to help you if you get stuck. Make sure you do your makeup in natural daylight to avoid any tide marks or telltale lines in the photographs! If you do your makeup in dim lighting, it might not look so good when you go into another room. In natural lighting, your makeup will look good wherever you end up!

With these tips, you’ll look classy and stylish at any wedding. Try them and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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