Best Tips That Will Change the Life of Every Boot Lover

Boots are an amazingly convenient type of footwear, and due to their versatile nature, they also come in many shapes, forms and sizes. That means it’s entirely possible to wear them with different outfits for multiple occasions. However, caring for boots might be a little more challenging at times, which is why we’ve prepared a few useful tips that will help you get the best out of your lovely pair of boots.

Wear shorter boots with longer dresses 

Sometimes, the best way to accentuate your figure is to wear a long dress that displays all your magnificent curves in the right way. But, the shorter boots and a long dress are a perfect combination, because boots that are too long can be overwhelming when paired with a longer dress. Therefore, next time you feel like hopping into your fancy long dress, feel free to pair it with short, or ankle-length boots for maximum elegance. 

Be careful with over-the-knee boots 

Over-the-knee boots are one tricky pony, that’s for sure. Mainly because they can look extremely fashionable or really tacky, depending on your outfit, the occasion, or your posture. So if you want to wear them safely, it’s best to pair them with skinny jeans or thick leggings. If you want to wear them with leggings, then it’s best to pair that with a long shirt or a sweater, a tunic, or even a shorter dress. 

Know how to condition your leather boots 

Some people oppose leather footwear due to cruelty, but nowadays, thanks to technological advancements, it’s possible to have perfectly fine vegan leather clothes and shoes. But, regardless of where you stand on this topic, it’s important to know how to soften leather walking boots, especially if you haven’t worn them in a long time. You can use a specialized conditioner, or if you’re a fan of natural solutions, some coconut oil. There are numerous pastes and creams on the market that will keep your boots soft and smooth, so you’ll be able to wear them at all times. 

Don’t be afraid to show some ankle

At the beginning of the 20th century, showing ankles was considered rude and scandalous. Luckily, things are completely different nowadays. Plus, showing a bit of ankle while wearing shorter boots can add an illusion of longer legs. So next time you feel like wearing boots with your favourite classic trousers or boyfriend jeans, feel free to try this: roll the hem up one inch twice, but keep it casual and not too neat. If you go for a look that’s too neat, you might end up looking nerdy, while rolling the hem more than once, will make your roll too bulky. 

Go for some colours and patterns 

Everyone loves classic black and brown boots. These colours are easy to match with anything else, but what about times when you feel like wearing something colourful? Well, in that case, opting for boots that come in different colours such as green or pink might be a perfect idea. And in case you like various patterns, you can always go for boots with animal print — leopard and zebra are among the most popular choices. Patterned boots look great with monochromatic outfits because they add a necessary contrast that will definitely look stylish. 


These fashion and caring tips will keep your boots in good condition. Additionally, you’ll know how to pair them with different styles for different events. Just keep in mind that once you get the boots, you’ll need to care for them and keep them conditioned. Also, using a weatherproofing spray once a month will keep your boots protected if you ever get caught in rain. Caring for your boots and wearing them properly are sure ways to make them look good and last longer. 

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