Boost Your Home’s Selling Power With This Valuable Guide

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We make a huge investment when we buy a home, but there will be times when we get itchy feet and want to move away again. Therefore, it’s important to do all you can to retain the value of your property. You won’t sell your home if it looks a mess on the inside and outside, and you probably won’t impress your neighbours, either.

So, whether you are planning on moving shortly, or merely considering the possibility sometime down the line, here are several proven ways to add to your property’s value, and enhance its selling power.

Add a second bathroom

For those of you with larger houses, this is a must. You have probably experienced that mad rush to get into the bathroom in the morning, so adding another room will be an attractive proposition for most buyers. Considering the amount of plumbing work that is needed, you shouldn’t go into this alone. Take a look at these bathroom renovation packages, and call in the experts.

Go for a loft conversion

Sometimes, the only way to extend your home is to work upwards. Loft conversions are incredibly popular and can be used for the added bathroom or an extra bedroom. You might even choose to leave the room as a blank canvas, as prospective buyers may have their own ideas. Working professionals may use the room as a study, or it could be used as a playroom for those with young families, as examples.

Consider curb appeal

First impressions are very important, and you will put off potential buyers if your garden is overgrown and the paint on your walls has deteriorated. You need to make the outside of your home safe and stylish. So clean up your pathways, fix your outside perimeters, and give the exterior a fresh lick of paint. You might also want to attach a new door knocker and put up a new mailbox, and anything else that is likely to catch the attention of passersby when they see the ‘for sale’ sign outside your home.

Be eco-friendly

Potential buyers may not give a hoot about the environment, but you can guarantee they will want to save money where they can. Experts say making your home eco-friendly will add 6% to its overall value, so it’s something worth considering. You do need to think about your expenses though, so if you are planning on moving shortly, you may decide to hold back on the more expensive renovations, such as adding insulation. However, you may also be entitled to a government grant, when adding solar panels, for example, so do your research.

Make repairs

Buyers won’t want to move into a money pit, so get on top of essential repairs. From small jobs, such as fixing rusty hinges, to the larger areas of work, such as repairing loose floorboards or replacing missing tiles, add value by getting your property up to scratch.

Final word

We hope the above helped, but seek advice from local estate agents to give you a clearer indication as to how you can add value to your home. Good luck!

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