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BOSS launches MA VIE Pour Femme with Gwyneth Paltrow


BOSS Parfums have launched a new fragrance BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme, which is said to be “inspired by an element of the BOSS woman’s life that until now has gone unnoticed.”

It draws on the pleasure she feels when she chooses to step out of her day to day routine, slow down, loosen up and simply enjoy a moment for herself. The fragrance captures the intimate essence of her independent spirit, releasing the indulgent and fulfilling sensation of simply savouring life – her life.

Artistic Director for BOSS WomenswearJason Wu, says his inspiration for the new line came from his vision of a new, modern femininity across key aspects of BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme, including the wardrobe design and flacon shade.

Enter Gwyneth Paltrow

For the advertising campaign Wu created a tuxedo to complement Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal style, emphasising her beauty, strength and femininity. The tuxedo, which will be part of Jason’s Wu first BOSS Womenswear collection, aims to stay true to the confidence of the BOSS woman, combining femininity and sensuality with its beautiful tailoring and elegant textures.

gwenyth paltrow Boss ma vie

“The idea of putting Gwyneth Paltrow in the most impeccable tailoring, which is in our DNA at HUGO BOSS, was key for BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme. There’s nothing more chic and powerful than a tuxedo, and so the decision was easy to put her in our version. The key element in pulling off the look is beautiful tailoring, a great shape and a confident woman, and we’ve got all three here” Wu says.

Gwyneth Paltrow says she embraced the opportunity to reveal a more intimate side with a concept and feeling that resonated deeply with her.

“I am so happy to be part of the launch of the third female fragrance from BOSS Parfums, BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme. I love the concept behind the fragrance and that it represents a time to pause and take a moment. I have these moments every day where I think how beautiful life is. It’s those moments that are so simple and so pure, and that really connect you to your heart.”


The fragrance

BOSS MA VIE pour Femme has been “inspired by the independent spirit of a woman as she pauses to indulge in the simple moments in life; a walk home at dawn, the sun on her skin, the touch of a flower.”

The scent is said to deliver a “an uncluttered, refined perfume around the cactus blossom, aiming to reinvent and modernize floral green notes with a delicate pink twist.”

“A blooming bouquet at the heart of BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme unifies the key florals of BOSS NUIT Pour Femme and BOSS JOUR Pour Femme, with a tender and soft pink feminine twist. Suave pink freesia and jasmine petals were blended with delicate rose bud, creating a natural floralcy. Often perceived as tender and delicate, rose buds carry the concentrated strengths of the densely layered, pure core of an immaculate rose, providing an elegant sensation of softness with strong femininity.”

What we thought:

Boss Ma Vie has quickly become our signature fragrance for Summer 14. A beautiful, fresh, floral fragrance that turns heads as you walk by. The fragrance is long wearing too. You can spray it on in the morning and still smell it late into the evening, which means no topping up my perfume during the day. Even on hot days, the fragrance holds it own.

With top notes of cactus blossom (yes, there is such a thing!), a floral bouquet heart and cedarwood undertones, this is one fragrance that will have you hooked after the first time you use it.

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