Brief Fashion Guide – Doll Up Comfortably Without Sacrificing Your Style Statement

“You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.”

  • Christian Dior 

No wonder the COVID-19 global pandemic made many of you lose your dream jobs, take away your loved ones, and make you habitual to WFH (work from home) forever. 

But there is something more it does to you, and you have not realized it so far. 

Scratching your head and thinking about what it is?

Well, here we are talking about your clothing preferences. Now, do you realize that you have started to take your con-calls in pajamas? This is all the impact of the pandemic’s gifts to all IT professionals. 

Now if ‘comfort’ has become the king of your post-pandemic wardrobe, then we suggest getting your hands on this bumper guide. It will help you still rock your appearance without stepping out of your comfort. 

We know this dichotomy of dressing well and being comfortable may be putting you in an ultimate state of dilemma. But relax as we are here with some kickass ideas made ready for you. 

So, shall we begin?

#1 – Believe in outerwear – No one is going to notice your inner dress if you have classy outerwear. It’s more like carrying and covering your flaws smartly. This makes more sense in the colder days when you have to layer up to remain cozy throughout the day. 

So, this fashion trick makes it possible for you to wear your inner or warm nightwear even when stepping out for a movie date. All you need is to layer it with sassy outerwear like – long coats, warm shrugs, jackets, pullovers, etc. 

#2 – Make a customized two-piece set – You must have seen women walking around in the city wearing casual 2-piece outfits. For once, this may look no less than a tracksuit, but it isn’t. It’s all about pairing your casual pajamas with a similar casual hoodie to look stylish. This kind of Lifestyle and fashion choice is ideal when you are in the mood to carry a casual look. Plus, now the markets are overloading with such options to encourage comforting outfits. 

#3 – The role of sunglasses – Surprised if it’s relatable to comfortable dressing? Well, this one is about making you not to sacrifice your fashion sense. The effortless and comfortable personality looks extraordinary when paired with the right sunglasses. That’s the beauty of this fashion accessory. You are wrong if you believe that sunglasses are just made for summer times. Instead, it adds an enduring appeal even in the colder days. 

If you don’t believe us, then trawl through some street-style pictures and sunglasses on Instagram. Plus, there are multiple frames available, and currently, 90s-inspired rectangular sunglass frames are stealing the show. 

The final line – 

Carrying a well-dressed look after a two-year-long pandemic is a challenge indeed. And why not when you have adopted the easy-going pajamas forever? But why worry when there are some comfortable dressing options available for you? Explore the above-mentioned ideas to see how to slay without hampering your comfort level. 

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