Bubble Time: 3 Dos and Don’ts of Dog Bathing

Bath Time: just the words “time for a bath!” can send a dog scrambling to hide in fear. Whether a dog is reluctant to take a bath, has to be dragged to the tub, or willingly jumps right in, there are some fundamental dos and don’ts to follow when bathing a dog. It’s essential to follow these basic guidelines, which can help make the dreaded B-word tolerable for your pet, even if they don’t enjoy it very much.

Dos and Don’ts of Giving Your Dog a Bath

Some dogs simply won’t submit to a bath without the assistance of a professional. In this case, try searching for “Dog Boarding Services Near Me” to find an expert groomer and border to offer some much-needed help. Professional groomers are the perfect choice if your dog has lots of difficulty with bath time. However, giving your dog a bath doesn’t have to be something that neither owner nor pup enjoys. Here are the three dos and don’ts when it comes to bathing a dog that will help make the experience a little smoother.

1. Do have all the necessary bathing materials together and within reach.

Keep all the essential materials and products like shampoo and conditioner, towels, and any grooming tools necessary close by when it’s time for a doggy bath. It should also be laid out and easily reachable while bathing the dog.

2. Do give lots of attention, love, and treats.

It’s easy to make a dog feel comfortable: lots of love, attention, and praise. Don’t forget the treats either! Dogs learn by association, and when they associate bath time with lots of love and treats, it makes it a little easier for them to bear. It may even change their attitude and response entirely. Be sure to reward good behaviour, even if it’s for something simple.

3. Do be realistic about the process.

Bathing a dog is not a neat and clean experience. Be prepared to get wet when it’s time to bathe the dog and dress appropriately. It’s probably not a good idea to wear dry clean only clothes when during bath time! Also, be realistic about a dog’s ability to stand still as a statue for long periods of time. Puppies have particular trouble with this, so be patient from start to finish.

1. Don’t get upset or frustrated.

One of the most important rules of dog bathing is not to get upset or frustrated during the process, even if a dog is misbehaving or being difficult. Dogs can sense emotions, and the more stressed and upset you are, the more they’re going to reflect that with their own behaviour. Have an upbeat and positive attitude even if you’re upset.

2. Don’t force your dog into the tub.

If a pup doesn’t want to go into the tub willingly, it’s crucial to be patient and never force your dog into the tub. This is counterproductive and will lead to the dog associating bath time with negative experiences. Always gently coax the pup into the tub and give lots of love and praise when they succeed.

3. Don’t use water that’s too hot or cold

The ideal water temperature for a bath is lukewarm. Think about it: you don’t like to take a cold shower, so why would a dog? That’s why it’s important to use lukewarm water and always test it with a hand before bath time starts.

Make Doggy Bath Time Something Manageable

Bathing an unwilling dog is no easy task. However, it’s important to remember that patience, love, and lots of praise are the most critical parts of bathing a dog. They should associate bath time with a positive experience, or they may be unwilling in the future to take baths. Be sure to have all the appropriate equipment laid out ahead of time and test the water temperature and adjust it accordingly, so it’s lukewarm and pleasant before the start of bath time. With these three dos and don’ts, bathing your canine best friend will become much easier and more manageable.

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