Can You Live Comfortably In A Tiny Space?

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If there’s one thing that tends to find itself at the top of many people’s lists of priorities when it comes to their homes, it’s space. People are constantly looking for homes that provide them with the maximum amount of space, as well as way to maximise the space that they have. However, for many people, huge amounts of open space is a luxury that they simply don’t have. With increasing house prices and rates of rent, combined with a very competitive housing market, many people simply don’t have access to the kinds of spacious homes that they might want. But does that mean that they are doomed to spend their lives feeling cramped and uncomfortable? Or are there things that you can do in order to make a smaller home feel just that little bit more spacious?

Clear out the junk

We all like to collect things and have keepsakes from different periods of our lives. But over time these kinds of things can start to build up so much that they start to make a home feel cramped and cluttered. This can happen in any home, but when your space is already limited, then it can be a serious problem. Many people who move into smaller homes often put things that they don’t have room for into storage units so that they don’t have to throw them away entirely. Alternatively, you can try to think of creative ways to store things, like using floating bookshelves in order to free up shelf space elsewhere.

Think about flow

Whether you’re particularly interested in feng shui or not, there is definitely something to be said for a home that just flows really nicely. A lot of the time, if your home feels kind of cramped or uncomfortable to be in, it’s because the rooms don’t have a natural sense of flow to them. Make sure that there are large obstructions throughout the house that people have to walk around and that there is a clear, if not literal, line that moves from one room to the next. It’s a subtle adjustment and one that a lot of people might not even notice on a conscious level, but it’s the kind of thing that can really shift your perception of your home and the way it feels.

Focus on light

Light is one of the most important and most often overlooked aspects of any home. You should always make sure that you’re thinking about how the light in any room is impacting the way that it feels. If you want a room to feel larger and more open than getting as much natural light into as possible is incredibly important. This is also why mirrors are so fantastic, not only to they create a slight illusion of increased size in any room, but they also reflect more light throughout, preventing any areas of the room getting stuck in darkness. It’s remarkable how often people can think that they are stuck in a small, cramped room, only to find that it actually feels far bigger when they bring a little more light into it.


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