Can You Get Private Packaging When Buying Green Vein Kratom?

Cannabis and some other plants are slowly gaining momentum for their various properties. One such plant is the kratom plant which is gaining popularity for its many abilities and properties helpful in the medicine world. Kratom has several therapeutic properties as its different strains provide different benefits. It is, however, a native plant of the south-Asian region that makes it difficult for manufacturers around the globe to get access to good-quality Kratom. An option is to sell Kratom without proper packaging to allow the retailers in those countries to put their label on the packets and promote their brand by selling the same Kratom of good quality in their country. This article studies whether facilities of private packaging are available while buying green indo kratom.


Kratom leaves have medicinal and other abilities. Depending on the maturity of the leaves of the kratom tree, there are three different types of kratom veins; red, green, and white. All these veins have unique properties and distinct effects on the body. The veins carry different and unique alkaloid profiles that give them distinct properties. 

Kratom leaves carry many medicinal and other benefits. They cure symptoms of severe mental health issues like depression and anxiety and severe physical health issues like chronic pain and certain other conditions. There is very little evidence to suggest that kratom leaves bring these benefits, and much research is still needed.

Some people believe that Kratom is an opioid and works like one. But this is a misconception since it is not technically an opioid, though its effects might be similar to opioid-like morphine and codeine. The primary ingredient in Kratom is mitragynine. This ingredient binds with the opioid receptors in the brain and helps relieve pain.

Private Packaging Of Green Vein Kratom

Private packaging or private labelling is where the retailer gets a product produced by another company or a third party but sells it under its brand name. In this kind of packaging, the retailer receives the goods in a packaging desirable to the retailer, and he can put his brand name on the packages. For example, a company producing particular goods can sell them to two different retailers in two different types of packaging as desired by those two retailers. Here, the goods produced remain the same but are sold to the consumer in two unique packaging with two distinct retailer brand names. It helps the retailer focus on its branding and pricing and not worry about producing the goods themselves.

There are many companies and online retailers out there that provide the facility of private packaging when purchasing Kratom, even specifically green vein kratom. Some companies like Golden Monk, Bulk Kratom, and many others allow the option of private packaging. You can ask the company not to put certain words like “kratom” or “green vein” on the label. Further, one can also choose the quality of packaging as per convenience. 

Since Kratom originates in South Asia, countries that import it from these Asian country producers often purchase them in bulk. They later change their packaging style and put their brand names on them. Then they sell the same kratom strains under their own company’s name. It is common practice among leading green vein kratom retailers since it is strenuous to produce similar quality green vein kratom made in native south Asia.

In addition to this, some retailers sell their Kratom on private label or white label. It means that they sell their Kratom in simple plain packaging to different retailers allowing them to put their brand name and make their packaging designs for selling the Kratom further to the consumers.


How To Get Discreet Shipping Of Green Vein Kratom?

People opt for private packaging and discreet shipping to not let others know what they have ordered. In this case, many people may not desire others, not even their mailman, to know that the box contains cannabis or Kratom. There are, thus, many retailers that provide the facility of private and discreet packaging and shipping. Websites like Buy OPMS, Kratom Spot, etc., provide the facility of private packaging and discreet shipping. 

While making the order of purchase of green Kratom, or any other kratom, the purchaser need only opt for the option of private shipping, and the retailers will discreetly ship your courier. 

Does private packaging offer safe and secure delivery?

Companies and retailers are very serious about delivering the goods safely. They take several precautions to ensure that the goods do not damage in transit. They ensure that you receive your goods at your doorstep in the same condition as they were packed in. Most retailers use standard-approved boxes and carefully package the product within them. Since the packaging opted discreetly, they do not put any label on the box relating to Kratom or the retailer. Products are then safely packaged and secured using adhesive strips and additional shipping tapes. They are sealed in air-tight packaging and arrive in the same manner. It renders it improbable for the goods inside to degrade in quality.

How Do The Green Vein Kratom Packages Look?

The boxes in which green vein kratom is packed are discreet and do not mention the contents or the retailer’s logo. They usually pack green Kratom in a plain brown box or a padded bubble mailer. The packaging will neither mention the contents nor the website or product logo. Thus, it allows you to get your product delivered without allowing anybody an opportunity to guess the contents. These boxes are standard approved and are of high quality, and shipping through land or air does not harm them, and the products within remain safe from any damage. Although highly unlikely, the retailers ensure a proper refund if any damage does happen.


Kratom has various benefits. Products like Kratom smoothie help with different mental health issues and different physical health issues. It is available in three different strains depending on the maturity of the leaves of the tree itself. If purchased from some particular retailers, the option of private packaging is available to the consumer while purchasing green vein kratom or even any other strain of Kratom.