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It’s no secret that French women have a special sense of style. It seems like, for them, it is easy-breezy to put on whatever they find first, and look fabulous, like they’ve prepared their outfit for hours. We all want to have the power to steal that fashion “je ne sais quoi”, but seeing it from our point of view the secret is high up on The Eiffel Tower, we’re down below and the elevator is broken. So, what are you waiting for, grab a rope and climb up to get some of that magic fashion powder? Stick around and we’ll lead you through some of the best street styles from Paris, hoping they’ll help you to find your inner French woman.


It’s all about the fit

French women are all about classics, so pairing up traditional black and white is always a sure thing, not that they are even thinking about it mind you. When you try to imagine a combination of some colors (or the absence of colors) such as black, white and grey, it might seem uneventful and quite boring. But, how on earth can they make it seem so stunning? It’s quite simple actually, it’s all about the cut.  Pants that are too tight, dowdy jackets, or ill-fitting dresses are a fashion disaster for the french fashionista. They dress for their figure and the clothes are embracing them in all the right places. The eternal classic- black blazer is a must have and if you pair it up with white pants; voila, you’ve got yourself a Parisian chic. Use metallic accessories to add new life to the combination.


Vintage is the new black

Though the little black dress is an everlasting classic, the little vintage dress is sweeping its way to classic pieces, which will stay with us for years to come. And you can blame French women for that. The perfect length of a dress is slightly below the knees, showing enough while not revealing much. Speaking of revealing, you can add a touch of sensuality by showing a hint of shoulders. There are various retro patterns to choose from, like polka dots or even cherries, but we’d recommend conspicuous flowers because Paris is all about romance. Use pieces as shoes and purse for mixing modern feel with vintage.


Lace is more

Lace on clothing is an accessory by itself. It is a perfect embellishment for cocktail dresses, making them statement pieces without having to worry too much about accessories. Coco Chanel once explained, that a woman should remove one accessory before leaving the house, and if your choice is a laced dress, then you should only leave one accessory. French women showed us that lace doesn’t have to be black or white, a brave woman can pull off bright color lace dress and look stunning. A Gentle lace dress is reflecting a woman embracing her femininity and a collar on the dress is showing a woman ready to win in a man’s world.


Trends schmends!

French women adore fashion, but they do not obsess with short-term trends. They prefer timeless, classic, well-cut, and made of quality fabric items. Pick into your mother’s or even grandmother’s wardrobe, and you might be surprised with what you can find there. Take it from French woman on the photo, pants with wide leg opening and a plain black turtleneck shirt/dress can only be dated if you are a slave of fashion trends. You should subdue trends to your own will, not vice versa. Stiletto heels and a bright colored purse will add some daringness to the combination.

You’re half way to the top of the tower. Don’t stop now. Try on some of these combinations or outfits inspired by the french woman, and find your way to the Parisian “je ne sais quoi”. Unleash your inner French fashionista, and remember that trends are passing and style is forever.

Images by Ivano Bellini via Flickr, Creative Commons

Written by WSS contributor, Kelly Brook.


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