Chloe Morello And Revlon’s Contouring Secret Is Out

chloe-morello-revlon-makeup-beauty Image: Chloe Morello

In exciting beauty news, the gorgeous beauty influencer and YouTube star, Chloe Morello, has collaborated with Revlon cosmetics to co-develop their new Revlon Sculpt and Highlight Contour Kit. The collaboration is an industry first in Australia and New Zealand (in the US and UK, it is not uncommon for top YouTube beauty stars and influencers to collaborate with brands).

If you have been living under a rock and don’t know who Chloe Morello is, Chloe Morello is an Australian beauty blogger and has over 1.9 million YouTube followers, as well as over 780,000 Instagram followers. She’s definitely made a name for herself in the beauty blogger world and has a huge fan base from all over the world. In fact, Chloe is one of the top YouTube beauty vloggers in the world!


The Revlon Sculpt and Highlight Contour Kit contains Revlon’s BlendFX™ technology, the powders not only sculpt and highlight where applied but also help blur imperfections. Chloe suggested Revlon develop a powder for ease of use but the workability of a cream, which, as Chloe puts it “it just works!”. As you can from the before and after image of Chloe above, it definitely does work. Look at those cheek bones!

“Contouring and highlighting the face can enhance bone structure and give the illusion of higher cheek bones, larger lips, lifted brow bones” – Chloe Morello, International Beauty Blogger


Image supplied by Revlon

Unlike overly complex kits with six shades, and more sophisticated than those with only two, the Revlon’s Sculpt + Highlight Contour Kit™ contains four shades:
BANANA – to conceal. GLOW – to highlight. BRONZE – to add warmth  and SCULPT – to define. Revlon’s Sculpt + Highlight Contour Kit™ is the professional contour kit made simple. Each kit is suitable for virtually any skin tone and is available in two shades – Light/Medium and Medium/Tan.

Here is Chloe’s video talking about her collaboration with Revlon and she shows use for to use the Sculpt and Highlight Contour Kit:

I actually ordered a Revlon Sculpt and Highlight Kit from Priceline online today. I’m so excited to try it out (I will post a picture on our Instagram page when I receive it and show you the results). Plus if you purchase a Revlon Sculpting & Contour Palette Kit from Priceline, you will receive A FREE Contour Brush (While Stocks Last). It is the very handy contouring brush Chloe uses in the above video!

The Revlon Sculpt and Highlight contouring Kit is exclusive to Priceline from the 27th October 2016. National launch is from the 1st November 2016. RRP $24.95.

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