Clearing Out Old Junk Could Help You Turn Your Life Around

Marie Kondo has shot to fame in recent years, after releasing a bestseller on her organisational system for the home. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s essentially a system for cleaning your house. You decide whether each object brings you joy and if it doesn’t, you throw it out. People all over the world have praised her technique as the perfect way of clearing out all of that extra junk that you’ve got in the house and making some extra space but it’s so much more than that. You might not think it, but having a cleanout can have a far reaching impact on all areas of your life, including your mental state. These are the psychological benefits of getting rid of your old junk.

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You Can Start Again

When you’re trying to let go of an old chapter in your life, you’re making it harder for yourself if you keep lots of possessions that remind you of it. It’s difficult to let go of those things sometimes but once you finally do, it’ll feel so much better. Having a rubbish removal service take all of those old memories away wipes the slate clean and you’re free to move forward with your life without a constant reminder of the parts of your life that you’re trying to forget about.

It Helps With Stress Management

We’re all living increasingly stressful lives and cleaning up the house is just another thing to add to the pile. Trying to clean your house is going to be a lot easier if you haven’t got mountains of junk to get in the way. Lots of people find that a clean house makes it easier for them to organise their life and stay on top of things, thereby reducing stress. It also offers people a level of control that they might feel they’re missing out on elsewhere in their life. Seeking help from a rubbish removal company will also help with stress management as you don’t need to worry about finding a way to dispose of your rubbish.

It Promotes Good Personality Traits

You might have heard it said that a messy environment is often synonymous with a creative personality, but a tidy one also has its effect on the way that you act and think in surprising ways. A study gave people a questionnaire to fill out, one group were at a tidy desk and one group at an untidy one. On the way out they were asked if they wanted to donate to a charity and they were also offered a snack of either chocolate or an apple. The group that was working in a tidy area donated more money and chose the healthier option of an apple. You wouldn’t think that cleaning the house can inspire these kinds of personality traits but it comes from a general inclination to do the things that are expected of them, whereas in an untidy room, people are more likely to break from convention.

It also gives you a more general positive outlook which is always a good thing, especially when you’re trying to make changes in your life.

If things are all getting a bit too much for you, having a clear out of all your old rubbish can really help you to turn your life around.

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