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Creating A Colourful Garden This Spring

Spring is the time when your garden truly comes to life. In the warmer weather, your garden can enjoy blooms that last for weeks and weeks, and the colour you can get will make your garden look magical. If you want to add more colour to your garden this spring, here’s how to do it.


The easiest way to add colour to the garden is by bringing in some accessories. There are many different ornaments and other accessories you can bring into the garden to add some wonderful colour and life. Firstly you can add colourful cushions to your Wicker Outdoor Furniture for a stunning effect. You can also bring in wall art, you can paint your fence and even hang wind chimes.

Plants in the Shade

There are many plants that enjoy the shady areas of your garden, so you can look at adding plants such as Heuchera. However, if you want to bring a few lighter shades into your dark spaces, you can add plants such as pink astilbe, Japanese forest grass and alliums. You will have a stunning shady space in no time,

Plants in the Sun

A sunny spot is easier to plant for because there is a never-ending list of plants that adore the sunlight. You can start off with some roses, go for bright red salvia, lavender or even bring bright pink into the space with a stunning coneflower. So decide which kind of colours you want to bring into your space and have fun!

Planters and lights

Once you have planted new flowers in the garden, you can also bring planters and lights into the garden for extra colour and magic. If you have an old pot that is a bright terracotta shade, you can paint it a vibrant pink, blue or yellow to add a splash of colour. You can then bring in some cute colour-changing solar butterfly lights into the garden so that you even have colours in the space during the night.

Painting the shed

If you have a shed in your garden you can think about painting it a bright colour to add some personality to your garden space. For example, if your shed is currently wood, you could choose a light pastel shade such as white, mint or peach to make it light up the space and make your green feel much more modern right away.

Fruits and vegetables

A simple way to add colour to your garden without really trying is to sow some vegetable and fruit seeds in the spring and leave them to mature during the spring. You will find that you end up with ripe red strawberries, stunning yellow, green and orange capsicums, and even some juicy blueberries. You can enjoy fresh produce and stunning colours all spring long. And what can be better than fresh fruit and vegetables?

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