Common eye disorders that you need to be careful of as you age

Aging is an inevitable process and affects the body in different ways. From our skin to our organs, each part experiences the aging effect. Just as you see wrinkles on your skin and sagginess in your breasts, you will also notice issues in your vision. 

Aging can significantly affect your vision and cause other eye-related problems. Healthcare providers recommend adults get regular eye checkups to rule out any serious issues, especially for people who have diabetes. There are some things you can do to ensure overall eye health. However, some eye disorders are expected to affect people as they age. This article mentions some common eye disorders and tips to prevent them.

Eye disorders common in adults 

Though they occur with age in some cases, some individuals get affected by these disorders at a young age. The main reason behind it is genetics or congenital disabilities. No matter the age, medical advancement has treatments for most illnesses and problems related to the eyes. 


A cataract is a widespread problem among adults. It is the development of a cloudy area in the eye’s lens. According to an eye doctor, Dr. Christian, your eye lens is as clear as a camera lens. But cataracts refrain the light from passing through the eye. As a result, you can experience blurry vision. Cataract formation is slow and does not cause any pain or redness in the eyes. Doctors diagnose the condition when you complain of blurry vision or go for your regular checkup. They are thoroughly treatable with surgery. 


Glaucoma is a severe eye disorder that can lead to loss of vision. The increase in pressure inside the eyes causes glaucoma. Common glaucoma causes include race, age, heredity, medications, and diabetes. Individuals experience no pain when suffering from glaucoma. The detection of glaucoma is possible only when the patient complains of headache, halos around lights, redness in the eyes, nausea, etc. Doctors examine the optic nerve and measure eye pressure and visual field to confirm glaucoma. It is treatable with medication, eye drops, and sometimes with surgery. There are high chances of losing vision if glaucoma is not treated quickly. 

Floaters and Flashers 

It is a common problem wherein you notice tiny spots floating across the field of sight. People mostly experience them in well-lit rooms. They do not cause any damage, but if you find a sudden increase in the number of flashes and floaters during the day, you should visit your doctor. In rare cases, it indicates a retinal detachment. 

Tips to prevent age-related problems

Though eye problems are inevitable with age, practising the following tips can help you prevent eye disorders. 

  • Ensure regular eye checkups, especially if you suffer from any medical condition and are on medications. 
  • You should ensure a yearly complete eye checkup to rule out any eye problems. The doctors use specific techniques to enlarge or dilate the pupils to detect eye health. 
  • Visit the physician immediately if you experience a sudden loss in vision, blurry eyesight, or swelling and redness in your eyes. 
  • Maintain a healthy diet.

Final Words 

Eye-related problems are tough to dodge. You will get them at some age. But keeping a good lifestyle where you eat and exercise well can help you prevent getting those diseases. Even if you have eye disorders, you can treat them with the help of medication and surgery.