Top Wedding Dress Design Trends

For a bride, their wedding gown is the most important outfit of their life. They want to look unique and unforgettable and pay attention to every single detail starting from the neckline to the fabric used for the gown. Brides look for the wedding gown which is traditional and contemporary at the same time. They want to follow the latest trends that will make them feel beautiful when they walk down the aisle.

 There are various bridal shops here in Atlanta, for you can get your dream wedding attire. It’s a fact that nothing can make a woman look more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful but a wedding gown can add to the charm and allure of a bride.  

Here are some new trends that a bride can follow to make them feel like an English rose on their wedding day:


Corset gives structural support along with a traditional contemporary look to the brides on their wedding day. One can pair a nice French laced corset with a well-fitted, voluminous or flowing skirt. This outfit will look like a corset dress and will enhance your body shape at the same time. You can get the finest corsets design wedding dress from a good Atlanta bridal shop. You can add a metallic or pearl sequence to your outfit to add elegance to your entire look. This look is a breathtaking option and will add a traditional history of corsets to your look. 

Balloon puff sleeves

Inspired by the Bridgerton era, puff sleeves have found their way back in the recent fashion trends. Brides especially go for balloon puff sleeves to add a subtle touch of fairy tale romance and volume to their outfits. In the modern trend, balloon puff sleeves are detachable which the brides can remove once they are done with the wedding celebration and getting ready for the post-wedding evening cocktails. Balloon puff sleeves compliment all body types and the bride can choose the fabric and size of the sleeves as per their preference.

High collars 

A high neckline or high collars is the definition of a woman’s timeless elegance. A high neckline offers the most coverage starting from the waist which is extended to the top of the neck. This neckline enhances the stance and gives a fresh look to the bride. Designers, recently, are promoting bridal outfits with high necklines with a fusion of geometric or floral patterns on fabrics like soft organza. They add thigh-high slits to the outfit to give the outfit a traditional yet modern look. 

Colorful florals

Gowns with exaggerated blooms on fabrics like satin or organza are the thing for the woman who wants to add color to their outfit. Floral patterns are romantic and innovative at the same time. There is no right or wrong way to wear floral outfits because floral gowns suit every single bride no matter what body type they belong to. Going for a simple and bold voluminous gown and adding a floral embroidered neck to it will give the trend-conscious brides their perfect wedding out.  


Certain trends push the boundaries of traditional bridal gowns, some of which are ruffles, sexy silhouettes, plunging necklines, and bridal jumpsuits which are daring aesthetics and not every bride can grace such trends. 

Every bride dreams to look like Cinderella on their wedding day and hence they are ready to experiment with new trends and unique fabrics. Fashion for aisle is more committed than ever to giving brides what they are looking for and brides are also ready to try these new and changing trends. 

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