Controlling Toddler Hair: How to Keep It Out of Their Eyes

Controlling your hair is hard for an adult, but controlling your toddler’s hair is a whole other story. To say toddler hair is hard to work with is an understatement, but there are plenty of ways to tame a toddler hairstyle. 

From toddler hair cuts to washing tips, there are plenty of things you can do. 

Keep on reading to learn my tips for taming all sorts of toddler hair. 

How to Control Toddler Hair 

1. Washing Tips

If your toddler has curly hair that’s prone to frizziness, consider using a lightweight leave-in conditioner during bath time. A good lightweight leave-in conditioner can also double as a detangler and can make styling your toddler’s hair all the easier. 

2. Brushing Tips 

Brushing your child’s hair can be a battle. Hairbrushes can pull on your child’s hair, making it an overall uncomfortable experience for both of you. 

A wet brush can be the most useful tool in your toddler hair care arsenal because it can get through the thickest and finest hair without the dreaded pulling. Opt for a wet brush with your child’s favorite TV or movie character to make brushing a more fun experience for them. 

Do a big comb out for your child’s hair once a week if they have fine hair. Despite all its perks, a wet brush can still miss a few strands here and there when brushed through fine hair, leading to knots and tangles. 

3. Styling Tips 

At Home

You can use tiny elastics to style your little boy’s long hair into a cute man bun. If you don’t want your toddler boy’s long hair in a little man bun, baby hair gel may be the way to go. 

Toddler hair bows are a great choice when you’re trying to keep your little girl’s hair out of her face. Shop here for stylish and well-made toddler hair bows and accessories from Stevie J’s. 

At the Hair Salon

Having your child’s hair trimmed is inevitable, but toddler hair cuts can be impossible because they’re always on the move. You can keep your toddler still in the salon chair by applying any of these tips.

The most obvious tip is to opt for a kids’ hair salon. Hairstylists at kids’ hair salons are specially trained to deal with small children. Many kids’ hair salons are outfitted with fun chairs and games to make your toddler’s first haircut a magical experience. 

Before you even go to the salon, play haircut at home first. Playing hair cut can help take away the fear around them before your child goes for the real thing. 

No More Hair in Their Eyes 

Now that you know ways to tame toddler hair, you can get to styling your little one’s haircut. Remember to buy a good lightweight leave-in conditioner and invest in good toddler haircuts at your local kids hair salon.

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