Create A Classic And Timeless Wardrobe With These Clothing Essentials

“I like my money right where I can see it- hanging in my closet.” – Carrie Bradshaw. 

Whether you are a student or a professional, what you wear, and how you carry yourself, matters a lot. It helps you in initiating conversations and building connections. Why? It is because fashion and styling have become instant languages of the 21st century.

That’s the reason why having a timeless closet has become a necessity. However, it doesn’t mean you need to burn a hole in your pockets to buy trendy outfits. 

Remember that trends come and go, but your sense of style will always remain constant. It will help you create your own wardrobe even with minimal outfits. Nonetheless, there are some clothing essentials that you need to build your wardrobe. 

What are these essentials? Keep scrolling to discover! 

  • Comfortable Denim 

Denim can instantly spice up your whole look. They are great for casual outings as well as for disco nights. Nonetheless, it is essential that you feel comfortable in them. So make sure you always buy the correct size. 

If you own loose jeans on the waist and create a jean gap, you can sew its sides. Start from the inside and sew side-to-side, creating a triangular shape with thread. Once you’ve covered the desired portion that you want to tighten, simply pull the tread and seal the thread. It will help get rid of the jeans gap. 

Besides that, try to have different types of denim, such as high waist, mum jeans, rugged or straight cut. It will help elevate your look. 

  • Multiple Tank Tops 

Another essential that you need to add to your wardrobe is a tank top. Long gone are the days when tank tops come with a single design. Now, there are a variety of designs and styles that you can choose from. 

Besides that, you can also style a tank top in numerous ways. Nonetheless, it would be better to have multiple colours of tank top (and even tie-dye tee). So that you are always ready to upgrade a simple look. 

  • White And Black Dress 

“What to wear?” Whenever you are going out to a party or to your friend’s house it is an unavoidable dilemma. Even if your closet is overflowing with clothes, it’ll take several hours to make the final decision. And how can we forget about the last-minute dress change? 

Luckily, a black (or white) dress is here to save the day. You can wear it as it is, or you can pair them with accessories. For instance, the easiest styling tip is to add a belt over your dress. It will instantly add chicness to your outfit. Similarly, you can add a blazer over the dress to look dazzling. 

Even so, you must pay attention to your hair and makeup so that it fits perfectly with your outfit. Believe it or not, but it will surely make the heads turn. 

  • Elegant Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are really comfy yet cute outfits that you should have in your closet. They are perfect for a casual outing or a day night. Besides, you can find several varieties of playsuits such as strapless, short-sleeved, or v neck. You can also select between plain or floral prints. Nonetheless, it will surely suit your everyday style. 

  • Cosy Lounge Pants

Some days, you might want to look like a fashionista, while other times, you might just want to relax and stay cozy. In other words, in a “do not disturb” mood. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have an “I woke up like this” or “cute couch potato” look. Right? That’s why you should include comfy lounge pants in your closet. 

They are perfect for staying in all day. And in case you have to go out, you can go with a street-style look. Just pair your sweatpants with an oversized hoodie or t-shirt, add a cap or create a messy bun and you are all good to go. 

  • All-Time Favourite White Sneakers 

It isn’t always about the clothes. Sometimes what shoes to wear can also affect the look. Imagine wearing flip-flops with a gown. It might look a little absurd. That’s the reason why you should have white sneakers in your closet. They work with almost every type of outfit, be it jeans or a floral dress.

  • Classic Black Heels 

White sneakers are great, but you can’t pair them with gowns and prom dresses. Therefore, you need to have a black heel in your closet. You can use them to add an edge to your overall outfit. What kind of heel is totally upon you and your comfort level. You can go with chunky ones or wedges. Nonetheless, one sure thing is that heels will instantly elevate your look. 

Tip: If you get blisters after wearing heels, use a band-aid before wearing them. You can also use blister blocks on sensitive parts. It’ll make the heels more comfortable. 

To sum it all up!

All these essentials will ensure that you dress up pretty for every occasion, be it a party or a meeting. Moreover, the outfits will always stay in trend no matter what. So, you need not spend thousands of dollars to buy “fashionable” clothes. Just create your own style and wear those clothes that make you feel comfortable. And you’ll be all set to steal everybody’s attention. 

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