Cute kids bedrooms by Freedom. Win decor packs!

When the boys were little, I seemed to have a “more is more” over top decor style when doing the boys rooms. From when they were babies up to until recently (they are now teens), if I had a theme I really ran with it.

It started off with a bear theme in the nursery and when I meant by overboard styling, I had a bear inlay cot, party bear doona and sheets, wall hangings and prints.

The next few themes were Thomas the Tank Engine (think doona covers, curtains and removable stick on wall stickers. Plus the toys, of course!) and then they moved onto Lego (T had a Lego Star Wars theme, M had a Lego City theme).

Something I wished I had have known back then, is to stick with the basics and add accessories appropriate for the different age brackets and change it as they age.

Definitely don’t theme their whole bedroom on whatever they are into at the time or what is trendy at the moment. Trust me, Bluey or The Wiggles will only be favourites for a few months until something else comes along.

Remember, these little people had a tanty only yesterday wanting a blue cup but today it had to be red!

Trust me, it will save a lot of time, money and tears (mainly yours) in the long run.

OK, well that’s all good in theory but where do I start? I hear you say.


If you own your house and want to paint the bedroom, personally, I would stick with neutral colours. You don’t want to be painting every few years.


You want a bed that is going to take you from toddler to teen (roughly ten years). It has to have a good supportive mattress and frame. The bed also needs to be a classic design, you don’t want the bed to look dated before the child outgrows it (Hello, car and Barbie shaped beds).

Freedom have a great range of king single beds. A canopy bed is a fun addition to any child’s room and it would be loved from little ones (they will have their own tent bed. No need to make temporary houses out of blankets and kitchen chairs!) through to reclusive pre teens wanting their own space. The white bed is a great option for either gender and will be suitable for all ages. It’s the same with a wooden bed (wooden beds are making a huge comeback in 2020). It would suit a girl or boy’s room and we love the ability to purchase a matching trundle bed for sleepovers or when relatives come to stay. If you’re looking for options that maximize space, consider exploring bunk beds for kids, which can be a practical yet stylish choice.

Hideout King Single Bed & Canopy Package, Poppy children’s bed and Storeabed King Single Bed (Natural).

Bedding and accessories

Gone are the days of patterned sheet sets and doonas adorned with favourite characters. It’s much easier, and practical, to mix and match plain bedding. Good quality bedding should last quite a few years too. Freedom’s bedding range is available in various sizes, the bed sheet set will pair beautifully with any quilt cover and is available in Mood indigo, White, Parchment, Ash Grey and Granite.

Of course, you can’t complete a bedroom without decor pieces. Cushions, rugs, wall art, baskets and soft toys. These pieces are inexpensive and easy to update as the child grows.

Here are a few pieces we love from the Freedom Kids bedroom range:

Clockwise: Landoni Basket ($34), Lady Llama Cushion ($49), Ella Elephant ($34), Ella Elephant Basket ($49), House Floor Rug ($129 ) and Bubble Floor Rug ($119).

So you can get a start on your own kids bedroom styling, Freedom and Woman of Style and Substance are giving away 2 x Willie Whale sets valued at $112 each and 2 x Dream Cloud sets valued at $102.

Willie Whale Cushion ($29), Willie Whale Throw ($49) and Willie Whale ($34).
Dream Cloud Throw ($49), Dream Cloud Wall Light ($19) and Dream Cloud Cushion ($34).

To win one of four Freedom kid bedroom decor sets, just fill out the form below by Midnight EST on Friday 20th December 2019. Open to Australian residents only, sorry.

Terms and conditions: The “Freedom Kids” giveaway is a game of skill and the most creative entry will be deemed the winner. The competition opens Thursday 5th December 5PM EST and closes on Friday the 20th December at Midnight EST. One entry per person. Australian entries only, sorry. There are 4 prizes to be won, with a total value of $428.00. Winner will be notified via email. All entries will be signed up to our mailing list upon entry, if you do not wish to sign up to Woman of Style and Substance’s mailing lists, please let us know via email. Good luck!

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