Diamond Buying Guide: What Is a Marquise Cut?

Men may think that the most essential part of an engagement ring is the size of the diamond. 86% of women say the overall design is more important.

One of the most critical steps in creating the perfect ring is choosing a gem with the proper cut, clarity, and quality.

A marquise cut is a rare but beautiful option. These diamonds give the engagement ring an eye-catching, royal look. 

Read our marquise cut diamond ring guide to discover what distinguishes it from other cuts and how to find the perfect one.

History of the Marquise Shape

Various styles of diamonds have been developed over the years. The marquise cut has a rich history and has existed for centuries. Part of understanding what makes it unique involves knowing where it came from.

The marquise cut was developed in France in the 1940s. Legend says King Louis XV requested it to replicate the shape of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour’s lips.

The marquise shape’s popularity has changed over the years. It emerged in the 1800s, fell out of fashion in the 1970s, and has recently become popular again.

The royal history of the marquise diamond ring is apparent in most designs on the market today. They are shiny and large, appealing to the most elegant tastes.

Characteristics of the Marquise Cut

A marquise diamond ring has a unique shape and is made up of various components. 

Diamonds are the centerpiece of an engagement ring and come in plenty of different varieties. Anything other than a simple circle is considered a “fancy” shape. The marquise cut is an oval and resembles a football, so it falls into this category. 

The belly is the central area where width is measured in a marquise diamond. Points are where two curved sides meet. The wing curves from the belly to a point.

The crown is the top of the diamond. The girdle goes from the crown to the pavilion at the bottom and is used to measure perimeter. The keel line is at the bottom where all the pavilions meet.

Knowing the names and locations of each part of a marquise diamond ring helps during the purchasing process. It allows you to examine and/or ask about each part to get the best quality piece.


Choosing the right diamond and cut for an engagement ring is a matter of personal preference and style. Some cuts have advantages over others, whether it be due to appearance, price, or other characteristics.

There are advantages to the marquise cut that make it a compelling option for any engagement ring.

The marquise shape is unique and creates a different look. Its rounded edges make it appear larger than other cuts when placed face-up. A marquise diamond ring can also make the ring finger it sits on appear longer and thinner. 

A marquise diamond is a rare and special gem. While it is not the cheapest variety on the market, it is a more economical option than more intricate cuts like the heart.

The increased brilliance and size of a marquise diamond ring may make it worth the extra cost. These are only some of the benefits this unique cut provides.  

What to Look for

Buying an engagement ring is an important decision that shouldn’t be rushed into. It’s important to know what characteristics to look for.   

Diamonds vary widely in quality. Certain elements determine what makes a  marquise cut diamond ring worth buying.

Thick girdles on the edge of a ring reduce the potential for damage. Keeping such a valuable piece safe is a worthwhile advantage.

As previously mentioned, size is not the most important consideration. It’s also necessary to look for the right length to width ratio. A marquise diamond should be approximately twice as wide as it is long.

The diamond should be symmetrical in every facet and from every angle. This makes it more pleasing to the eye. 

Check out Gemvara for more information on how to find a beautiful marquise cut diamond ring.

Possible Defects

Diamond cutting is an intricate process, and it can create errors in the finished product. It’s important to be aware of these potential defects before making a purchase. 

There are various issues to watch out for before purchasing a marquise diamond ring. These include flat, bulged, or uneven wings, as well as undefined points. 

The unique shape of the marquise cut diamond can create its own issues. The gem can cast a shadow shaped like a bowtie. The darker and wider it is, the more it will distract from the quality of the ring.

Diamonds should always be evaluated by the purchaser and/or a professional before making a sale. This helps them get a high-quality marquise cut diamond at a fair price.


Choosing a diamond is not just a matter of determining quality. It’s also a matter of examining the price of each piece to get the best value.

Different cuts vary in price. Round is the most popular variety but not the most affordable.

The heart cut is the most expensive, and the emerald cut is the cheapest. The marquise cut diamond comes in third place for the most expensive. 

Quality, size, and other factors also help determine the price. A 1-carat marquise diamond ranges from $4,500-$5500. 

The price of an engagement ring must always be measured against quality and the buyer’s needs. Don’t overpay for a poor quality piece, and don’t buy something that doesn’t match your personal style. 

Why Choose a Marquise Diamond Ring

The marquise cut is rare but becoming more common due to its various advantages. It looks larger than other varieties, elongates the fingers, and creates a regal look.

It’s important to prepare before buying an engagement ring. Find the style you want and find the best option at a fair price. Knowing what makes a high-quality diamond and what issues to look out for makes this much easier.

Check out our other articles for more information and keep checking back for more advice.

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