DIYing Your Perfect Home Office

Many of us are currently setting up our home offices. Gone are the days of working from the sofa or dining table. But it can be a costly room to set up. So, if you do need to set up your home office but want to keep costs down, then doing the work yourself could be the answer. Here’s a few tips for DIYing your perfect home office.

Laying your own office floor

A solid and durable floor is a must in the office. It needs to be practical and easy to clean. Yet it’s nice to have warm tones to make it a more comfortable space. And you need something easy to install. 

Perhaps the easiest option is to go for a good laminate design. Many brands have flooring systems that come in plank form, with ready-made grooves to slot them together. You’ll still need to prepare the floor first. And you’ll need to be able to measure and cut the planks. However, it is suitable for DIYers and there are plenty of online guides showing you how to fit laminate flooring too.

Decorating your walls

This is a slightly easier task for DIYers. And painting the walls is something most of us can manage. Using a roller rather than a brush will give you a better finish. And a high pigment paint will mean less coats are needed. 

Think carefully about the colour you choose though. If you want to keep it light and airy, then you may want to stick with white. However, a brilliant white can be hard on the eyes, so choosing an off-white may be preferable. Calming colours such as green can also work well. Whatever shade you’re thinking of, get a tester first so you can be sure it looks right for the room.

Build your own desk

Buying a new and stylish-looking desk can be expensive. But if you’re a DIY fan, then why not build your own? 

It doesn’t need to be complicated. You can get your local DIY store to cut a sheet of wood to the size you’d like for your desktop. Then all you need are the legs. You could buy and attach a couple sawhorses or four metal hairpin legs. Alternatively, you could attach some strong brackets to the wall and top with plywood. Again, you could get your local DIY store to cut this to size for you, making it even easier.

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