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Woman of Style and Substance’s resident stylist, Victoria, has an issue with people not dressing for their age and lets you in on style secrets for women of a “certain age”:


My quote is  ….” Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”

As a stylist I get asked this question all the time……. “I want to dress my age!” There are ladies who dress too old and then the ladies who dress too young!

You need to dress for your body shape YES, but you need to draw the line with certain trends when you hit mid 40’s .

You need to stop following trends and stick to classic pieces. Distressed denim, cut off shorts, cut out dresses and low tops  showing way too much cleavage are a no go!

Keep it classy ladies!

We can do the short dress or skirt but as long as it’s kept covered on top.

I really believe that keeping a little for the imagination is the way to go.

victoria beckham style

You can still look stylish and sexy without showing too much.

Choose great fabrics and classic styles to transform you into a stylish dresser!

Look at my fav style icon Victoria Beckham, she has totally transformed her look, gone are the short shorts and stilettos,  the fake hair and highlights,  figure hugging tops.

She now has structured clothing and still manages to look sexier than ever.

Unfortunately, a lot of ladies hold on to their youth by dressing the same way they did in their 20’s or even worse, shopping in the same stores as their teenage daughters and swapping clothes.


It’s all about how to put the looks together.

I myself love wearing shorts and I’m over 40, but I am mindful of what I wear them with  and always keep them at the right length and style, I always choose the tapered cuff style.

I don’t mind leather pants or skinny jeans when you have the right shape, but a dark denim flare is always a better option!

Try for yourself, go out and experiment a little with fashion.

Or book a Style Session with me to gain all the knowledge you will ever need.


VT x


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