Early Childhood Education: What We Know, and What’s Possible

Deciding to put your child into early childhood education can be one of the toughest decisions any parent makes. The fact is you want to spend your time with your child but, you need to work and you can’t just leave a young child at home. 

That’s why it’s important to find the best possible childcare Pakenham, this will ensure your child isn’t just learning, they are also safe and gaining in confidence.

Social Skills

One of the most important things that everyone needs to learn is social skills. This is the ability to interact with others, to tell them what you need, ask for help, and simply develop relationships.

It’s actually best to learn these skills when you’re young, and early childhood education is the perfect starting point. It gives children the opportunity to interact with others and develop the necessary communication skills.

Brain Development

There are also a number of studies that show early childhood education improves the process of cognitive learning. In fact, the first 5 years of someone’s life are seen as critical for cognitive development. It’s during these years that cognitive skills, emotional development, and even linguistic skills are developed. The earlier these start the better it is for your child as they’re likely to be high performing and functioning adults. 

In short, early childhood education is a great gift for your child.

School Readiness

While most early education centers focus on learning and developing through play, the rigidity, and structure of the daily routine help any child to be ready for school. In turn this will help your child to succeed in school and fulfill their potential in life, regardless of what it is they want to do.

Being ready for school also means that your child will be able to embrace modern technology, considering the world is becoming increasingly digitalized, it’s going to be important to be able to keep up with and use this technology.

Emotional Development

One of the most important things that anyone needs to learn is how to recognize emotion, deal with it, and control your own emotions. This can be very challenging for young children but early childhood education helps children to learn about emotion and how to deal with them properly. 

Early childhood education is particularly important if your child has no siblings, it’s harder to learn important skills like sharing, communicating, or even leading others. When children are in early education you’ll find that they develop these skills naturally.

Your relationship

Getting your child into early education gives them the best chance of reaching their full potential as adults. But, as a busy parent there are many demands on your time, this can mean that your time with your children is limited, especially as you’re trying to teach them valuable life skills.

However, if your child is in early childhood education then the facility will be dealing with their educational growth. That means you, as a parent, can simply enjoy time with your child. That’s how you create a bond that will last a lifetime.

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