Eating Foods Rich in Vitamin C Can Help Reduce Bleeding Gums

Do you find yourself chewing on your gums often? If so, it could be one of the signs for vitamin C deficiency. Many symptoms can occur when someone is deficient in vitamin C, but bleeding gums are just one of them.  

Suppose you feel that you have been experiencing this symptom for an extended period. In that case, it might be time to talk with your dentist in Blackburn about the situation. They will know what options are available to help reduce the amount of gum bleeding and improve your overall oral health.  

A Study About Causes of Bleeding Gums 

The early warning sign of gum infection is bleeding gums. However, a new study found that it may also be caused by low vitamin C intake in your diet. And not just due to the typical causes, but other diseases like Gingivitis or periodontal, such as toothache, can also cause pain when chewing on specific areas with no teeth.  This makes it necessary for you to drop by Smiles Of West Point for a check-up.

The study finds that low vitamin C levels in the bloodstream can lead to gums and even eye-sight bleeding. Researchers noticed that growing daily intake of Vitamin C helps reverse this problem, so people with low plasma levels should consider taking more for their general health benefits.  

A new study has discovered that elderly patients with heart disease are more likely to have gum bleeding and retinal hemorrhaging. These two situations frequently go hand in hand, yet they could be signs of something else entirely. However, anything from trouble with your microvascular system up through major problems like brain bleedings or kidney malfunctioning.  

Is It True That Some Diet Plans Cause a Deficiency in Vitamin C? 

The study stresses that increased vitamin C does not necessarily prevent strokes or other serious health outcomes. However, the results suggest that a high- Citrus fruit intake may be protective against gum bleeding.  

But it should not lead to dental floss treatments in some patients at risk for scurvy – a deadly disease caused by deficient levels of this vitamin. Researchers add that such suboptimal conditions can cause blood loss; hence it is vital to have medical attention. 

You can find a healthy and delicious way to get your daily dose of vitamin C by eating foods like kale, peppers, or kiwis rich in this essential mineral. If you don’t have time for cooking up fruits and vegetables, though- try taking supplements.  

Suppose someone is on a specialized diet, such as the paleo diet, rich in lean meats and fish that can be difficult to come by for some people. In that case, they must consider their vitamin C intake. 


If you are experiencing bleeding gums issue, it may be an indication that your body needs more vitamin C. The condition affects up to 50% of people over the age of 60. It is often related to poor diet or dental hygiene practices like not brushing teeth after eating certain types of food (such as soft drinks). Read this article to know everything about bleeding gums and solutions to reduce the issue.  

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