The Essential Guide For Great Hair, Fast.

Nail, Brows, Hair.  Three essentials for looking good.  Whilst these three things all play very different parts on your body, they are share one thing … Keratin.  So keeping them in optimum condition can be done using the same basic techniques

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Here is our essential guide to keeping your hair in great shape whilst also benefiting your nails and brows too.

Eat Well

As with all parts of our body, what we eat can have huge effect on how we look.  Refined foods or foods with a high sugar content will give you lacklustre, fine and brittle hair.

Weight loss can impact the health of your hair so it is vital to eat a healthy balanced diet.  Chicken is high in protein which will boost the vitality of your locks.  Rich greens such as spinach and kale can provide strength and shine but to really boost that shine you need to eat foods which are high in healthy fats, such as Avocado or fish.  Salmon is a brilliant shine booster. Take a look at this fantastic hair boosting recipe.

Protein, Iron and Healthy oils will all have a positive effect giving you stronger nails, brighter locks and fuller brows.

Don’t Dry It Out

Outside elements can play havoc with the condition of your hair.  Hard water areas are extremely damaging, installing a Fleck Water Softener is vital if you don’t want to damage your hair each time you wash it.  Heat is also the enemy, so where possible avoid blow drying or over styling your hair, allowing it to dry naturally really is the best way to achieve a healthy bounce.  When you do need to use a blow dryer or straighteners make sure you have a heat protector spray to avoid too many split ends.

Over Washing Is The Enemy

Washing your hair everyday is actually bad for it.  We all love that clean fresh feeling but a build-up of product and chemicals within your water is really bad for a healthy head of hair.  Use a good dry shampoo if you can’t bare to leave it au naturel.  There are hair perfumes on the market too which leave a heavenly scent every time you swish your day old hair.  Grease is actually very good for the scalp and a healthy scalp means healthy locks.  Take a look at our pos 5 Easy Ways To Always Look Your Best to help boost your confidence on those no wash days!

Go Natural

Coconut oil is a brilliant all over product.  You can even use it to clean your teeth.  It is a rich, deep moisturiser which can be used overnight as a pre-conditioner for maximum shine or can be used sparingly on the ends as a frizz tamer and all day moisture booster.  It is also a growth booster so if you are trying to get a longer look, coconut oil will encourage your hair to grow faster.  It will also feed your nails as you massage it onto your scalp making them stronger and shinier

Regular Trims

Finally, regardless of length, having a regular trim will encourage regrowth and help keep split ends at bay.  A quarter of an inch is enough to give hair an extra boost.  If you want volume make sure your hairdresser doesn’t cut blunt ends.  Shape and movement can be created if hair is cut in the right way.

If you follow our guide you’ll have totally swish worth hair in no time!

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