Fantastic Ways To Privatise Your Garden No Matter The Season

When buying a home, we can often overlook the outside area. Sure we might be wondering whether it was big enough for our needs, or whether it has been well kept and looked after, but do we take notice of how private it is? Possibly not. But then once you are in the property you may start to notice that you can see what your neighbours are getting up to, or worse still they can see into your home. The same can be said for passers-by. While traditionally it isn’t the season to be getting outside in your garden, I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can privatise your garden no matter the weather. Ensuring you create the boundaries for your home that you are happy with.


Add a new fence

Fencing is possibly one of the most popular ways to privatise the exterior of your home. They instantly create a boundary and keep prying eyes from looking in. A new fence can also give your outside space a new lease of life. Often fence panels come in different designs, heights, and colours so you can choose something that will be inoffensive to your neighbours while also looking good for you. Places like FenceKeeper have a great selection online.  

Use shrubbery and hedges to create a boundary

If you don’t want to use fences as a boundary, then you could consider an alternative approach. Using shrubbery and hedges are a great way to add a boundary and also privatise your garden. However, you may have to wait for some of those plants to grow to a satisfactory height. You also might have to consider that the plant may grow over to your neighbours garden and this could cause upset between you. If you are considering using hedges instead of a fence, then discuss it with anyone it could affect in advance before causing unnecessary problems.

Consider building a wall for a modern finish

Some people choose to have a much more final boundary built in, and if that happens to be you, then a wall could be the answer. Often matching the material your home was built in a wall can add elegance to your homes exterior. However, be careful not to build the wall too high as it could block low sunlight from getting into your garden in a morning or evening.

Create zones where more areas are private than others

Finally, a great tip is to add certain zones to your garden. If your outside space is relatively big, it could be quite difficult to achieve a fully private experience. So creating zones would help you to gain privacy in certain places. For example, you might want to create a private decked or patio area where you can entertain or relax. A small wall or use of ornaments could do this very well. Even a canopy or temporary roof could help create more of a private feeling during the summer months when this area might be used the most.

I hope this has offered you some inspiration for making your exterior more private, no matter the season.

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