Features to Look for in Meeting Management Software

Effective meetings trigger better decisions and contribute to the overall growth of an organisation. Today, you can find loads of information on making meetings more systematic and productive. However, a crucial aspect that gets ignored is the proper meeting room management. No, it’s not about creating an agenda for a meeting; instead, it’s about their management. 

It includes factors like where and when they happen and incorporating them with automated office technology to enhance meeting efficiency. To make your meetings productive, there’s a need to leverage corporate meeting management software that consists of intelligent dashboards which keep you updated with all upcoming meetings. Such software also possesses an expert database that enables you to gain crucial insights from the discussions. 

Some essential features that should be a part of such software are discussed below.

Full Transparency and Compliance

Transparency means that the software should allow you to view and access the meeting particulars, schedule, and other details on the event’s location. This feature helps employees come on the same page. It brings about time efficiency, as there’s no scope for asking questions like the topic of the meeting, its duration, location, and the like. Effective corporate meeting management software helps develop an auditable topic trail and issues that assist in compliance management. It allows you to review incomplete actions and thus manage better accountability.


The software that you choose should be adaptable to the requirements of your business. It means that you can seamlessly cancel, move, or update meetings from anywhere. After changing the meeting status, you will also want it to become visible immediately to other employees to stay updated with the changes. So, any modifications you make should be visible across the shared calendar. Apart from integrating the meeting modifications into your organisation’s calendar system, it would be best if you also had that integrated with your employees’ emails. It will ensure that everyone remains current on meeting status without manually checking the calendar. 

Security and Access Oversight

The software you choose should be developed with strict security protocols as you want your data to remain protected at all times. You should also be able to customise the content security according to the access rights of the staff members. Administrators should be able to set access levels for specific users and control access to specific content.

Support for Multiple File Types

To get the most from your software, look into a solution that adequately supports multiple file types. The software should support PDFs, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and image files. It should also integrate easily with Microsoft OneDrive and Google Docs. It will help you to quickly import documents into the file-sharing systems that you use. 

Additionally, the software should be able to automatically develop a meeting record from your notes and agenda and send it in the follow-up email. A reliable solution will also export the record to HTML, PDF, Word, or Text.

Integration with Social Media

Social media provides an excellent platform for augmenting the spread of your decision. Look into those solutions that allow people to subscribe to get updates and enable you to share recent agendas, meeting minutes, and videos through platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Getting the maximum advantage from meetings is all about managing them correctly. The right kind of software can benefit the senior management and employees. Choose software that can help you turn your meetings into a handy tool for organisational growth. 

Author Bio: Kellie is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves cake. 

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