Financial Planning With Ageing Parents: Start The Conversation Today!


If your parents aren’t financially prepared for the later years of their life, it could put them in a difficult situation. They might not be able to pay for medical care or their mortgage. They might have to work longer due to their lack of savings, which can stop them from enjoying their retirement. The list goes on and on. None of us want to see our parents struggle as they get older. So it’s important that we encourage them to start making financial plans for the future. This isn’t always an easy conversation to have. So to help you make it as straightforward as possible, read through the following tips.

Research life insurance together

Funeral and burial expenses can be a big concern for ageing parents who aren’t financially prepared. So help to give them peace of mind by researching different life insurance policies with them. These policies can pay for funerals, medical expenses and secure their property.

But many elderly people believe they are unable to take advantage of these policies once they reach a certain age. But this is not necessarily true. There are insurance providers who will offer cover for people aged 50 and above. Take a look at and other senior insurance providers with your parents. The more they know and understand about the policies the more confident they will be about taking one out.

Plan your own financial future

Many adult children can find their own finances are put under strain when caring for their ageing parents. So as well as encouraging your parents to plan ahead, you need to prepare yourself financially too. Contact a financial adviser at your bank to help you assess your current finances and to create a plan. You should also look into getting life insurance too. As well as making you more able to assist your parents, financial planning can be of benefit in other ways too. If you let your parents know that you improving your financial stability, they might be more eager to follow suit. This could be the encouragement they need to think more seriously about what they want their later life to be like.

Teach your parents about online banking

If your parents aren’t tech savvy, you can introduce them to the world of internet banking. Show them how easy it is to check and monitor their finances using their tablet or computer. You can also show them how to set up automatic payments for their utilities if needs be. This will help them see where their money is going and where they could reduce their expenses each month. It can also give you an idea of their current financial standing. If they are concerned about security, visit for tips and advice.

It’s always beneficial to assist your parents with their financial planning while they are still fit and healthy. Waiting until they have developed a serious health issue could make this process more challenging in future. So start the conversation today to ensure your parents are as financially prepared as possible.

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