Finding Your Place In A Home That No Longer Fits

Feel like there simply isn’t any room for you in your home anymore? Families grow over time, and not always in the most expected ways. You might have kids, you might find that you’re inviting parents to share your home. Whatever the change is, it’s all easy for the home to feel crowded. For that reason, we’re going to take a look at some ways you can add not just the space you need, but to make it a space that’s suited to all members of the family.

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Clearing away

Getting rid of your clutter is the first place to start for a number of reasons. First of all, clutter is a potential hazard for small children and crowded homes alike. It makes it much easier for younger family members to get their hands on potentially dangerous items and could be a tripping hazard. What’s more, you could be taking up more room than you need to be. Clearing away the clutter could help you make space for another seat in shared spaces, for instance. Take the minimalist approach and start donating or selling those items that don’t have a practical use or a particularly impact an emotional response.

Adding space

If you’re willing to take on a larger scale project and you have the budget, then few solutions work quite as well as a home extension. What’s more, you can choose extensions based on your particular needs. For instance, multigenerational house plans will help you create an environment that’s suited to the needs of the whole family. Creating enough private space for every member of the family is an important start, but you also have to consider whether or not the shared living spaces are safe and comfortable for everyone involved, as well. Sharing your home with more people is just about creating a space that you can get together as it is about anything else.

Opening up

One of the most convenient ways to open up more shared space is to eliminate some of the barriers in the home. Before you start making any serious plans to knock down any walls, however, you should have a licensed professional inspect the home to tell you where it’s safe and where it isn’t. Getting rid of a load-bearing wall is good for nobody, after all. Open space plans, such as connected living rooms and kitchens, can make the home feel a lot less restrictive and makes it easier to get the whole family together in one space. What’s more, the more natural passage of light makes it feel a lot brighter and energetic. You might have to get used to styling the home differently, however, as open plan décor is completely different from simply styling two completely separate rooms.

You might be tempted to move to a home that has all the room you need, but the truth is that the right change in style and renovation might do the job at a much lower budget. What’s more, you could be adding value to your home that pays off in the end.  


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