Food and travel: 4 decadent dishes to try in Europe

gelato European food

Nothing is better than traveling to a new place and experiencing its culture. Being able to soak in the local color can be great for your personality and can guarantee you a good vacation. If you are traveling somewhere fancy in Europe, there are a few things you should definitely do in order to get the most out of your vacation. Visit museums, and local attractions, and be sure to try the local dishes. Nothing is better than giving your taste buds a jolt of European pleasure. There are some dishes in Europe that you should definitely try before you die. We have curated a list of the most popular dishes one shouldn’t miss out on.


This frozen dessert was created in Italy. Not only is this healthier than ice cream, but it’s probably tastier too. They use more milk than ice cream and contain less fat. If you have a sweet tooth, nothing will sound better than roaming the pretty streets of Italy on a hot day with gelato in your hand. There are a ton of artisanal gelaterias that come up with wacky and wild flavors that implode on your tastebuds. These include rosewater, basil, and even licorice. You can have this in a cup or even a cone.

Belgian chocolates

As history tells us quite clearly, some explorers fumbled onto Belgium with amazing cocoa beans from South America. Once these were introduced in Belgium, there was no looking back. During those times, chocolate was considered quite a luxury since it was used to impress nobles. They have gained good international recognition due to the sheer quality of the chocolates that they make. You can find the best Belgian chocolate in Brussels. No one will judge you if you get a kilo or two packed to take home!


If you are traveling to France, be sure to try their staple, croissants. These started out as an Austrian cookie that had entered France, only to evolve into this mouth-watering breakfast dish. This flaky, puffy, buttery pastry might be available in your hometown, but no one does it like the French. They have upheld their reputation for making the best croissants all over the world. You can devour the aroma of these pastries if you take a walk early in the morning on the streets of France. You can choose to go for different kinds of fillings, but if you want it to be authentic you should try the original ones.


If you want to try out a dish that has gained so much popularity that it is not the national dish of Scotland, Haggis is the thing for you. This dish is not for the faint-hearted, the ingredients can sound pretty daunting to a lot of people. It contains sheep’s lungs, liver, and heart, minced with spices and onions. This tastes amazing if you are ready to try some adventurous food. Scottish people recommend having Scotch whiskey along with this to enhance your experience.

It is important to go out and try new things, and new food is no exception. Try out these amazing dishes whenever you choose to visit these countries. 

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