Fresh Al Fresco Tips For Sophisticated Outdoor Dining

Now that summer is here, it’s time to start thinking about moving our meals outside to enjoy a spot of al fresco dining. Eating outdoors is a great way to enjoy warm summer evenings with the family, and it is also a fun way to host your dinner parties.

It’s easy for outdoor dining to become a bit too informal, especially when you need to host a very classy dinner party. But don’t worry; that doesn’t mean that you have to keep everyone outside and miss the beautiful night. You just need to follow these amazing al fresco tips that can help you with your sophisticated summer dining.


Put On A Good Show

It can be easy to turn your dinner parties into quite a theatrical show. For instance, if you are all dining in the kitchen, you could pull out some awesome dishes from the oven or flambe dishes on the cooktop. It’s also possible to attempt some showstopping kitchen out in the garden as well. You can do this with BBQ smokers and outdoor pizza ovens., as this will really add a wow factor to your meal.

Keep Things Comfortable

You might find that, after a few hours of sitting at a garden table, that the outdoor furniture isn’t actually as comfortable as you might think. Most garden furniture isn’t designed to be used for more than an hour or so at any given time, so you should make sure that you add plenty of cushions to your chairs so that your diners don’t get a sore backside! It’s also a good idea to bring out some blankets too, just in case the temperature drops.


Add An Umbrella

A shade sail or garden umbrella has one very important task: to keep your diners in the shade and out of any direct sunlight. This can keep your guests comfortable throughout the meal, and they won’t have to sit there with the bright sun in their eyes. But the umbrella can also serve a secondary purpose as well – it can help you define your outdoor dining area.

Cook Dishes That Are Easy To Carry Outside

If you need to walk through a couple of rooms or down a long corridor to get to your garden, you won’t be able to carry out any dishes that might topple off your trays or plates. So, you should stick to cooking meals and dishes that are easy to carry around the house and out the garden. Make sure your salads are in large bowls so that you don’t lose any tomatoes or lettuce leaves!

Dining outside doesn’t have to be fraught with problems. If you start to use all of these great tips, you will find that your al fresco meals all go off without a hitch. And all of your guests will certainly enjoy your outdoor dinner parties this summer – just as long as the weather stays good!

Bon appetit!

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