How To Get A Garden Greener Than The Grass That Grows In It


Gardening is something that most of us always want to get into a lot more but rarely make the time for. There’s just something about the idea of getting out there, being at one with nature, and creating something for you to stand back and enjoy. And that’s because it really is that great. The only thing better than being outdoors and creating a space that you can relax in and enjoy is doing it with a green angle.

When you’re out working to make sure that your garden is only adding to our earth, and not taking away from it or harming it in any way, it’s even more rewarding than just being out there in the first place. So, it’s time for you to get serious about being green. If you want to make sure that your outside space is environmentally friendly as well as pleasing to the eye, here are a few ways that you can get your garden both gorgeous and green.

Start A Compost Heap

Firstly, you might want to think about starting a compost heap. Although this may seem like a pile of rubbish to you at first, it can be really great for your garden and the environment. While a compost heap is technically a collection of your dinner scraps (minus meat and bones), it is a great way to nourish your soil and fertilise your plants. Plus, when you’re heading out into the garden to put any food waste into your compost pile, you’re also saving the earth from extra waste too.


Use Rainwater

Similarly, while we’re thinking about the ways we can recycle for the good of our garden, you may always want to think about collecting rainwater. By having a rainwater retention tank in your garden, you’re making sure that you’re not utilising your water supply outside. You can also find detention water tanks that will release the water too. This is a great way to make sure that your garden gets all of the water that it needs, but that you’re not taking up too much of the earth’s resources.

Use Organic Sprays

If you want to make sure that everything you’re doing out in the garden is for the good of the earth and not harmful, you should make sure that you buy organic products. You may need to buy things like fertiliser or pesticides, but you should stay away from the chemical kind. These can be harmful to the earth and the wildlife – even when they say they’re safe for animals.

Attract Wildlife

Finally, you may also want to think about attracting more wildlife into your garden. Not only is this lovely for you to enjoy when you’re sitting outside, but it’s also great for your garden too. To do this, you could think about putting in a pond or a bird table. Both options are great draws for everything from birds and bugs to squirrels and frogs too. So, if you like the idea of having a natural habitat in your backyard, it’s time to give nature a bit of a home.


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